Systematic Literature Review

For those conducting a systematic review at Nord University the library offers advice and support.

​​​​​We can give advice and support on:

  • Identifying relevant search terms and building a search strategy

  • Key databases and information sources to search

  • Using advanced search techniques

  • Setting up search alerts

  • How to export your results to EndNote and how to remove duplicates

    • How to export PDF-files and reference data from EndNote to NVivo/Rayyan

Boo​k a one-to-one appointment with a librarian

Book an appointment​ with a librarian for systematic literature reviews

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What is a systematic literature review?

A systematic literature review (SLR) is a type of literature review that summarizes all available research about a subject or a research question.

The literature search is the data collection of the systematic literature review method. This type of literature search can be very time consuming.

When searching for literature in a SLR you do comprehensive searches in multiple databases and information sources. The goal is to systematically go through all the literature related to a subject, or a specific research question, in order to collect all relevant literature. 

You can read more about systematic literature reviews here:

Databases with systematic literature reviews:​