Conference "Wellbeing and caring in changing times."

20 April 2017 09:00 - 21 April 2017 15:00

Nord University, Bodø, Norway

Pre-conference April 19th 2017

​The European Academy of Caring Science (EACS) is a collaboration of member institutions with the collective intention of taking forward caring science from a European perspective. The Academy affords an opportunity to work together as individuals or in groups under the auspices of the founding organizations with the aim of generating skills, values and beliefs in a concentrated effort to improve health and social care provision.  Through this conference we intend to share our knowledge and understanding of 'caring' and how it will impact on the different levels of wellbeing and caring in changing times.  The conference will focus on wellbeing at a) the individual (both personal and professional) and b) at the policy level of the population. Further information is available at

A top priority for Nordic College of Caring Science (NCCS) is to develop and disseminate caring science research and education both nationally and internationally through networking and collaboration. By participating in this conference, coordinated by Nord University, EACS and NCCS, you get involved in this development and learn more about transforming wellbeing and caring for people in a changing time, from a caring science perspective.  Further information is available at

New Registration deadline for all participants. New deadline is March 20.
Registration deadline for all presenters is January 25 (After this date via e- mail to


Participants list

Participants at  the international conference «WELLBEEING AND CARING IN CHANGING TIMES» April 20-21, 2017, Nord University, Bodø, Norway

  1. Hanne Bové
  2. Berit Mosseng Sjølie
  3. Inger Lise Wang
  4. Kari Ingstad
  5. Rita Solbakken
  6. Betty-Ann Solvoll
  7. Malene Beck
  8. Trude Anita Hartviksen
  9. Anne Højager Nielsen
  10. Wenche Wannebo
  11. Kristiina Heinonen
  12. Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt
  13. Inger-Lise Magnussen
  14. Terese Bondas
  15. Birgit Rasmussen
  16. Annelise Norlyk
  17. Maria Strandås
  18. Cathrine Moe
  19. Ingjerd Gåre Kymre
  20. Øyvind Christiansen
  21. Else Lid
  22. Liv Mari Brandt
  23. Alina Vaskelyte
  24. Bodil Svendsgård
  25. Maggie Hutchings
  26. Anne Quinney
  27. Elisabeth Bergdahl
  28. Vibeke Bruun Lorentsen
  29. Hrønn Thorn
  30. Ruta Butkeviciene
  31. Clare Gordon
  32. Hanna Holst
  33. Mona Kyndi Pedersen
  34. Line Nortvedt
  35. Rikke Brændgaard Sørensen
  36. Albertine Ranheim
  37. Eva K. Robertson
  38. Trude Jægtvik
  39. Oscar Tranvåg
  40. Gøril Ursin
  41. Lillemor Östman
  42. Madeleine Nilsson
  43. Mette Terp Høybye
  44. Lena Wiklund Gustin
  45. Bodil Bjørnshave Noe
  46. Bente Skovsby Toft
  47. Gunilla  Kulla
  48. Caroline Ellis-Hill
  49. Mette Spliid Ludvigsen
  50. Camilla Koskinen
  51. Ann-Helen Sandvik
  52. Dag Karterud
  53. Lena Boussaid
  54. Ulrika Hörberg
  55. Margareta Asp
  56. Dagfinn Nåden
  57. Lennart Fredriksson
  58. Regner Birkelund
  59. Paivi Åstedt-Kurki
  60. Marja Kaunonen
  61. Gro Bentzen
  62. Hilde Solvoll
  63. Charlotte Delmar
  64. Tove Helene Larssen
  65. Kjersti Sunde Mæhre
  66. Jacqueline Hutchinson
  67. Ingrid From
  68. Kathleen Galvin
  69. Trine Karlsen
  70. Marit Kirkevold
  71. Anne Kasén
  72. And students who applied and won a stipend from Nord University to join the conference

Call for abstracts

NEW Deadline for Abstracts is November 30, 2016

For the Conference "Wellbeing and caring in changing times."20 APRIL 2017 09:00 - 21 APRIL 2017 15:00, Nord University, Bodø, Norway, we urge multiprofessionals to send in abstracts that address the topics under investigation at this conference. It is possible to register for the conference from mid October 2016.

Abstracts should be maximum 300 words and the content should contain information about: authors, background, aim, method, results, conclusion and address implications for change for persons wellbeing and/or caring for different groups.

Response on the peer review of you abstract is expected in early January.


Please note,
 - if you apply for a ph.d. student reduction in the conference fee (if supervisor also attend): 
 - if you would like to publish an accepted abstract in a conference booklet:
 - if you submit for poster or oral presentation, or both:

All oral presentations in the concurrent sessions is 15 minutes with and additional 5 minutes for questioning. The poster presentations are 5 minutes and 10 minutes for questions .

Scientific committee:
Kathleen Galvin, Brighton, UK (chair)
Caroline Ellis-Hill, Bournemouth, UK
Jackie Hutchinson, Hull , UK
Camilla Koskinen, Åbo, FI
Anne Kasen, Bodø, NO
Dag Karterud, Oslo, NO
Ann-Helen Sandvik, Luleå, SE
Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt, Aalborg, DK/ Bodø, NO


There will be a mutual dinner (with own payment for drinks), included in the registration fee, on the first night, where posters elected for celebration by the participants will be announced besides a speech by professor Terese Bondas, Nord University, Bodø. Norway.

Schedule Wednesday April 19 (Room A126)
Schedule Thursday April 20 

​Kl 08.30 ​Registration outside room: Petter Thomassen (A5)
​Kl 09.30Welcome by Rector Nord University Bjørn Olsen
Practical information: conference chair Professor Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt.
Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)
​Kl 09.45​Keynoteadress 1: Compassion for self and others as key aspects of wellbeing in changing times. Professor Lena Wiklund Gustin
Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)
​Kl 10.45​Break, coffee and tea - networking and visiting posters
​Kl 11.15Parallel sessions

Concurrent 1.1 Caring for well-being for vulnerable groups in institutions. Room: A103
Concurrent 1.2 Well-being in the organization of care and experience of illness. Room: A126
Concurrent 1.3 Approaches to Changing Practice for Well-being and Care. Room: A134
Concurrent 1.4 Understandings of well-being. Room: Vebjørn Tandberg (A7)
Concurrent 1.5 Revisiting care. Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)

​Kl 12.15​Lunch
​Kl 13.00Parallel sessions

Concurrent 2.1 Understanding the depths and details of illness and care. Room: A126
Concurrent 2.2 Well-being in the organization of care and experience of illness. Room: A134
Concurrent 2.3 Wellbeing in maternal and birth contexts. Room: Vebjørn Tandberg (A7)
Concurrent 2.4 Approaches to Changing Practice for Wellbeing and Care. Room: A103
Concurrent 2.5. Enhancing Health and Sustainability. Room: Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)

​Kl 14.00​Break, coffee and tea - networking and visiting posters
​Kl 15.00​Keynoteadress 2: Ethnographic potentials for studying the dynamics of wellbeing in changing times. Dr. Mette Terp Høybye
Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)
​Kl 16.00Posters presentation (5 min presentation, 10 min for questions and shift)

Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)

A. Significant others´ experience of hospitalized patients´ transfer to home: A systematic review and metasynthesis.
B. Reaching out for patient's wellbeing in changing times – a senior lecturers experience.
C. Sustainability from a caring science perspective

​Kl 17.00​End of todays programme - transport to Thon hotel
​Kl 19.00Departure to Conference banquet at Bodøgaard art and culture center Bodø (A pre- planned 3 course menu is published on this web side elsewhere)

Entertainment during dessert and coffee.

Dean Dr. Trine Karlsen, Nord University, Bodø. Norway
Professor Kathleen Galvin, Brighton University, UK (EACS)
Docent Camilla Koskinen, Åbo Akademi, SF (NCCS)
Ph.d student Wenche Wannebo, Nord University, Bodø. Norway.

Menu Conference dinner

Schedule Friday April 21

​Kl 08.30Registration outside room: Petter Thomassen (A5)
​Kl 09.00Parallel sessions

Concurrent 3.1 Understanding the depths and details of illness and care. Room: A103
Concurrent 3.2 Embodiment and Caring. Room: A126
Concurrent 3.3 Well-being in the organization of care and experience of illness. Room : A134
Concurrent 3.4 Caring for well-being for vulnerable groups in institutions. Room: Vebjørn Tandberg (A7)
Concurrent 3.5 Understanding the depths and details of illness and care. Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)

​Kl 10.00​Break, coffee and tea - networking and revisiting posters
​Kl 10.45​Keynoteadress 3: Promoting wellbeing and caring during challenging times - can we do it? Professor Marit Kirkevold
Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)
​Kl 12.00Summery of the conference

Initial comments by chair of EACS professor Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt Nord University and Aalborg University, Denmark.

- When different perspectives meet. Reflections shared in European Academy of Caring Science. (Open to all).
Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)

OR Member meeting for NCCS
Room: Vebjørn Tandberg (A7)
​Kl 13.00​Lunch and sosial arrangement
Kl 13.30 "Fun, friends and farewells"
Appetizer: - a sosial event to give us the opportunity to get together as friends and colleagues and to have som fun at the end of the conference.

Dr. Maggie Hutchings and Dr. Caroline Ellis-Hill, Bournemouth University, UK
Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)

​Kl 14.30End of Conference

by conference chair professor Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt, Nord University.
Room: Petter Thomassen (A5)

Keynote speakers

Lena Wiklund Gustin (Sweden)
is a registered nurse with specialization in psychiatric and mental nursing, and a licensed CBT–therapist.

She is currently working as professor in mental health work at UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, and as an associate professor in caring science at Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden.

Her research focuses on different aspects of suffering, health, care and recovery in a psychiatric context.

Mette Terp Høybye (Denmark) Anthropologist, BA, MSc, PhD
is an interdisciplinary researcher. She holds an MSc in anthropology and a PhD in public health from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dr. Høybye's research has been concerned with the meaning, effect and potential of social networks and the production of virtual spaces and self-technologies mediated by the internet for more than a decade. With particular empirical attention to exploring how people with serious or chronic illness may benefit from such networks in their process of rehabilitation. Related to this, she has a strong interest in how technologies and physical environments produce, enhance or harm wellbeing in the patient trajectory.

Currently Dr. Høybye is a Senior Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Research Unit, Elective Surgery Center, Silkeborg Regional Hospital, Denmark, working with a focus on technology, innovation and decision making in health. The use of animation video, avatars and the meaning of identification in health information are central areas of study. Dr. Høybye's work has earned international recognition with an Early Career Award from the International Society of Behavioral Medicine. She is the current president of the Danish Society for Psychosocial Medicine.

Marit Kirkevold, (Norway) RN, MA, M.Ed., Ed.D.

is a Professor of Nursing Science at University of Oslo. She has her baccalaureate training from Long Island University and her graduate training from Columbia University, New York.

She is the Head of Department of nursing Science and Director of Center for habilitation and rehabilitation services research at Institute of Health and Society at University of Oslo.

Kirkevold conducts research in the areas of rehabilitation services and long term care.  She initiated and led the Norwegian teaching nursing home program until the institutions were established on a permanent basis.

Promoting wellbeing and caring during challenging times – can we do it?

Professor Marit Kirkevold, Department of Nursing Science, Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo.

We are currently witnessing a number of significant changes within the health care field. There are many reasons for these changes, including demographic and social changes and changes in the nature and distribution of diseases and illnesses. In addition, organizational and structural changes within the health care system and issues related to recruitment and retention of qualified health care personnel impact significantly on our opportunity and ability to promote wellbeing through caring. Changes in the relationships between patients, family carers and professional caregivers also challenge us to reconsider what caring entails and how to promote wellbeing. In my presentation I will draw on research that provides insights into how some of these changes create challenges in terms of promoting wellbeing and discuss implications for caring.  In particular, I will reflect on studies that have sought to address the issue of promoting wellbeing and caring in the challenging times we are now living through.

Registration fees and registration

The registration fee includes lunch both days, coffee and tea and a conference dinner on the 20th

The full registration fee is payed in either Euro 323, or in Norwegian kroner 2990,-

PhD students
There will be discount for phd students who present their research and who register together with a supervisor. The phd. students will be notifyed together with the conclusion of the review. PhD students registration fee is Euro 241 or in Norwegian kroner 2190,-

In the conference dinner there will be a celebration of the best poster and a conference speech on the conference theme. 

Practical information

Conference Hotel:

Thon Hotel Nordlys
Address: Moloveien 14, 8003 Bodø


Ground transportation to and from Bodø Airport:

Taxi: Located right outside the Airport entrance. Taxi can be booked in advance by calling: +47 07550

Bus: Route 1. departs from Bodø Airport approximately every 15 minutes. Most hotels in Bodø are within walking distance from the Bus terminal. Exit at "Bodø Sentrum".

Link to bus schedule: file:///C:/Users/mis/Downloads/161028Linje1fraBodlufthavn.pdf

Walking: It is possible to walk from the airport to Bodø City Centre where most hotels are located. Distance is approximately 1 kilometer.

Transportation to and from the Conference:

Registration fee includes transportation between the Thon Hotel Nordlys and the Conference at Nord University, and from Thon Hotel Nordlys to Bodøgaard for the conference dinner.

Bus Schedule:

DateDepart TimeDepart from:​Arrive TimeArrive at:
​19.04.17​Transport est 1/2 hourAirport and city bus no 1 takes you to Nord University​Transport est 1/2 hourCity center and airport from Nord University, by bus 1,2
20.04.1708:00Thon Hotel Nordlys​08:20Nord University (main entrance)
20.04.1717:10Nord University (main entrance)​17:30Thon Hotel Nordlys
​20.04.17​18:45​Thon Hotel Nordlys​19:00​Bodøgaard Gallery
​20.04.17​22:30​Bodøgaard Gallery​22:45​Thon Hotel Nordlys
21.04.1708:30Thon Hotel Nordlys​08:45Nord University (main entrance)
21.04.1715:00Nord University (main entrance)​15:30Thon Hotel Nordlys*

* The bus from Nord University 21.04.17 will also stop at the airport at request.

Conference dinner:

The conference dinner will be at Bodøgaard Gallery on Thursday 20.04.17 at 19:30. Bus will be provided between Thon Hotel Nordlys and Bodøgaard Gallery.

Appetizers, main course and coffee is included in the registration fee. Drinks can be purchased at the bar.
Menu Conference Dinner


Link to conference registration:

Pre-conference April 19th 2017 - programme

Pre-conference committee:
Hanna Holst, Ph.D. student, Linnaeus University
Hanne Mørkenborg Bové, Ph.D. student, Aarhus University
Clare Gordon, Ph.D. student, Bournemouth University
Ulrica Hörberg, Associate Professor, Linnaeus University
The day before the conference a pre-seminar has been arranged, mainly for Ph.D. students. The pre-seminar will comprise two workshops from Professor Terese Bondas and Professor Kate Galvin, facilitated by PhD students.

We present this pre-seminar as an opportunity to learn from each other while discussing well-being based on an existential theory and how action research from a caring science perspective, creates new knowledge of care and caring.

The pre-seminar will be held on 19th April 13:00 to17:00 hrs, including a break for coffee/tea.

Room A126

Workshop 1 – 13:00 to 15:00 hrs
Room A126
Title: ACTION RESEARCH - from a Caring science perspective

Professor Terese Bondas, PhD, LicHSc, MHSc, RN, PHN
Nord University, Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, Norway

While most methodological approaches have been created for new knowledge development, action research as a complex and varied approach is characterized also by collaboration and development. The health care organization and the persons involved, participate in circles of action and reflection in collaborative research together with the research(ers). Action research creates new knowledge of care and caring, improves care practices and enhances communion. Action research has the potential to develop and turn abstract concepts into real world caring practices. The take home message of action research, its possibilities and challenges in caring science development in theory and practice, will be presented and discussed.

Terese Bondas is a Professor of Nursing Science at Nord University, Norway. She has her education from Åbo Akademi University, Finland. She has initiated and leads the qualitative research network - Childbearing in Europe, former Barnafødande i Norden (www. Terese is a member of the workgroup of the Norwegian Research School in Community Health Care-MUNI HC. Terese conducts research in the areas of childbearing, leadership and caring culture, and development of qualitative methods, especially action research and metasynthesis.

Workshop 2 – 15:00 to 17:00 hrs
Room A126

Title: Well-being as dwelling - mobility: An existential theory

Professor Kathleen Galvin, University of Brighton, UK

In this workshop an opportunity to explore an existential theory of well-being that is guided by phenomenological philosophy will be offered. We will begin with the question: What is well-being as a human experience? This will be followed by an exploration of the absence of well-being and how well-being and suffering are always related. Participants will be able to engage with illustrations from phenomenological philosophical writing, poems, images from art and film as one way to explore a shared sense of well-being and to imagine a range of dimensions including when well-being is absent. Together these ideas can underpin a resource for caring and this will also form part of the discussion.

Professor Kathleen Galvin is Professor of Nursing Practice at the University of Brighton where her research explores peoples’ experiences of a range of health issues and using phenomenologically oriented philosophy is developing theoretical frameworks for caring practices and contributions to the ethics of care. Before joining the College of Life, Health and Physical Sciences at Brighton University she held positions as Professor of Nursing Practice and Associate Dean at the University of Hull, UK and Deputy Dean, Bournemouth University, U.K.