Disputas Reinhard Falter - PHS

23 July 2014 10:00 - 24 July 2017 14:00

Auditorium Elias Blix (A13)

Falter er utdannet Magister artium fra Ludwig-Maximillians Universität München, og har en CV med omfattende publikasjoner bak seg.

23. juli avholdes prøveforelesningene – en over et selvvalgt tema, og en over et oppnevnt tema:
10.00-10-45: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Gott und Begriff?
12.00-12.45: Wie wirkt Natur? Überlegungen zum Prinzip der Kausalität in der Natur.

24. juli klokken 11.00-14.00 forsvarer Falter sin avhandling «Natur neu denken. Erfahrung – Bedeutung – Sinn. Grundlagen naturphilosophischer Praxis».
Professor Emeritus Anders Lindseth, Universitetet i Nordland (leder)
Dr. phil.
Rudolf Seising, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Dr. phil. Karin Hutflötz, Akademie der bildenden Künste, München
Både prøveforelesninger og disputas avholdes i Auditorium Elias Blix (A13).
Prøveforelesningene og disputasen foregår på tysk, og blir ledet av professor Johan Arnt Myrstad.

Om avhandlingen:

Reinhard Falter M.A. has submitted his treatise Natur neu den­ken. Erfahrung – Bedeutung – Sinn. Grundlagen naturphilosophischer Praxis (Rethinking Nature. Experien­ce - meaning - sense. Foundations of practice in philosophy of nature) as a thesis for obtaining the degree doctor philosophiae at the Faculty of Professional Studies, University of Nordland. As a work founded in practical experience his thesis is related to the re­search done at the Centre for Practical Knowledge.
Due to the modern conception of nature, we see nature as a human environment to be mas­tered and to be used for cultural purposes rather than as our origin which has to be thoughtfully considered, so that man as a natural being, especially in his historically shaped culture, does not suffer any damage. Although nature con­servation nowadays, ecologically motivated, warns us about severe consequences of the modern utili­zation of nature, the importance of the existential lack of a conscious integration of man into experienced nature is less considered. In his treatise Natur neu denken, Reinhard Falter wants the modern man to reconsider his relationship to nature. He writes: "Rethinking nature also means rethinking na­ture protection, to rethink it as pro­tection of man by nature, not via seeing nature as something weak and in need of protection but rather via man's dependence on certain natural circumstances, above all due to the fact that the nature surrounding man ensures a specific basic relationship". In his work Falter presen­ts the conception of nature in its development and he criticizes the modern conception of nature in its present condition.