The Nightingale Conference 2018

11 October 2018 09:00 - 12 October 2018 16:00

Nord University, Bodø, Norway

The Nightingale Conference 2018 is being held in Bodø on October 11th and 12th. The topic for the conference is Belonging.

About the Conference

Welcome to The Nightingale's 8th Internationale Conference 11-12th of October 2018 in Bodø, Norway. The topic for the conference is Belonging. Belonging is an essential aspect to all human beings. Our belonging relates to family, friends, communities and places. Throughout our life, our sense of belonging can be threatened in several ways. During this conference, we aim to enlighten, discuss and reflect on a broad specter of belonging in several settings. 

The mentoring programme Nightingale runs at eight Universities and University Colleges in Norway and it is supported by the Directorate of Children, Youth and Families (Bufdir).
The Nightingale Program is part of an international network. Please visit The Nightingale Mentoring Network's website.


Thursday 11 October

The conference is held in Auditorium Petter Thomassen (A5) on both Thursday and Friday.

10:00 – 10:30Registration and coffee
10:30 – 11:15 Welcome
- Randolf Gryt, Leader of the Committee for Upbringing and Culture, Bodø Municipality
- Hanne Thommesen, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences
- Carina Lönroth, Manager of the Nightingale international mentoring Network
11:15 – 12:30Identity – belonging
Lars Magne Andreassen, Directory at `Arran Lule Saami Center
12:30 – 13:30Lunch
13:30 – 14:30Negotiating values, practices and identities as immigrant parent. A gateway to creating a sense of belonging?
Dora Poni Loro, Child Welfare Worker with unaccompanied minors
14:30 – 15:00Coffee break
15:00 – 16:00"Sofa dialogue"
The dialog will be about belonging. Lecturers Dora Poni Loro, Lars Magne Andreassen, Layan Al-Taie, previous child in the mentoring program and Carina Sild Lönroth, manager of the Nightingale mentoring Network will participate.
18:00Dinner at Tuvsjyen, Saltstraumen
The bus will depart from Scandic Havet at 6 pm and return back to Bodø 9:30 pm
Friday 12 October

09:00 – 09:20Good morning concert
with Elisabeth Misvær and Andrej Stepanov
09:20 – 11:20 Bridging Trauma informed care and Participation – Music therapy for children and youth at risk
Viggo Krûger, Associate Professor at GAMUT, University of Bergen and music therapist at Aleris Care Norway
11:20 – 12:20Lunch
12:20 – 13:20Workshops

Seminar 1: The Nightingale mentoring project for adult immigrants,
Anne Margrethe Glømmen and Beate Sæthern, Østfold Universty College.
The seminar is managed by Kate Mevik (room 2443)
Seminar 2: Practice experience as mentors, students’ presentation,
Student Guro Havnerås and Henrik Hval Guldahl
The seminar will be held in Norwegian. Managed by Marit Tveraabak (room 2447)
13:30 – 14:30Conclusion of the conference

Key note speakers

Lars Magne Andreassen is educated in Social Science from University of Tromsø and Bodø University College. For many years he has conducted research in the field of identity and roots at Árran Lulesamisk Senter, where he now works as director. Andreassen is further an active musician with an emphasis on Lulean songs and joik. Andreassen is also member of the boards of the UNESCO commission (2017-2020) and the Sami national theater Beaivváš.

Dora Poni Loro – Negotiating values, practices and identities as immigrant parent. A gateway to creating a sense of belonging?
Dora Poni Loro came to Norway from South-Sudan as a refugee in 1999. She is trained as a Social Worker from the University College in Bergen, and has10 years experience with immigrant women and their families, at Empo Multicultural Resource Center- a part of Church City Mission in Bergen. Today she is working in Bergen municipality as a Child Welfare Worker with unaccompanied minors. She is also a Board member in various organizations and is pursuing a master’s degree in Child Welfare. In 2012 she was ranked as one of Top 10 immigrants in Norway. She has also been awarded «Kvinne i fokus» (Woman in Focus) by an organization called Positiv Opplæring (Positive Training) in 2010. Dora describes herself as a social activist who is concerned with children’s wellbeing, youth and women empowerment, poverty and social exclusion.

Viggo Krüger holds a position as Associate Professor at GAMUT, University of Bergen, and he is music therapist at Aleris Care Norway. Krüger is chair of Norwegian Association for Music Therapy (NFMT). He is also chair of Community Music Therapy Project, “Come Closer”. He is a member of the scientific advisory board for journal "Norges Barnevern" (Norwegian child welfare). Since 1987 Krüger has been full member of Norwegian Grammy award winner band Pogo Pops.

Musical performance by Elisabeth Misvær and Andrej Stepanov

Elisabeth Misvær, Soprano and Andrej Stepanov, Accordion, have had great success with their concerts and performances. The program is composed of Russian, European, Sami and Norwegian music. Their mix of a serious program with a great dissemination ability and contagious mood, has had brilliant criticisms and great audience appeal.

Andrej Stepanov plays the bajan accordion. He is from St. Petersburg and has his music education from the city's music conservatory. In St. Petersburg, he worked for several years as a musician before coming to Norway in 1993. Now he lives in Bodø, and acts as an active freelance musician. He has long experience in the cabaret and musical theatre form.

Elisabeth Misvær is a soprano from Bodø. After her education at the Norwegian Academy of Music and Vienna Opera School, she performed her debut concert at the University of Oslo in 1987. Now she works as a singer in Bodø, and is also employed at Nord University as Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education. She has previously been appointed as an associate professor at Nord University.

Elisabeth and Andrej will perform at the conference on Friday October 12th.


Please visit this page: The Nightingale Conference 2018 in Bodø, Norway. Registration deadline: September 15th 2018.

Accomodation / Practical Information / FAQ


All the hotels are located in the city center.

Scandic Bodø: NOK 1390,- (ca. 140 EUR) per night for Single room included breakfast

Scandic Havet: NOK 1590,- (ca. 160 EUR) per night for single room included breakfast. Booking at / phone
+47 75 50 47 00. Notice that you have to book before 10.09.2018 and you have to refer to The Nightingale Conference.

Skagen Hotell: NOK 1395,- (ca. 140 EUR) per night for Single room. NOK 865,- (85 EUR) for weekend included breakfast and supper. Booking at Notice that you have to book before 21.09.2018 and you have to refer to Nord University, the Nightingale.

Bodø Hotell: NOK 1025,- (ca. 100 EUR) per night for Single room and NOK 1300,- (ca. 130 EUR) per night for Double room included breakfast. Booking at Notice that you have to book before 10.09.2018 and you have to refer to The Nightingale, Nord University.

Other options can be found at Visit Bodø's webpages.


Airport/flight information
Website Bodø Airport
or call (+47) 67033500
Bodø airport is located close to the city. Walking from the airport to the city centre takes about 15-20 minutes.

From Bodø Airport, you can take a bus or a taxi to your hotel in the city (5 min) or to the University (15 min). The bus stop and taxi station are just outside the main entrance of the airport.

Website Bus transportation in Bodø
You can find the bus timetable and travel planner at the website above or you can call (+47) 177 for questions about the routes and itinerary.
Busses from Bodø city to Nord University depart approximately every 10-15 minutes (during the day). The trip takes about 15-25 minutes.            

Line 1 (direction Bjørndalslia) and
Line 2 (direction Skavdalslia) depart from the city center (Bodø Sentrum) to Nord University.

The ticket price is 54 NOK. You can only pay with credit card, cash is not accepted.
With the ticket app, Billett Nordland, the ticket price is 34 NOK.

- Bodø/Nordland taxi call center (+47) 07550
- You can also send a text message to order a taxi – send the word TAXI to 2233
- If you are calling from outside of Norway, the number is +47 223 88 309
- Taxi fares are quite expensive in Norway, and cost around 300-400 NOK from the airport to the University

Website Trian transportation
or call (+47) 61051910
From the city centre your stop is Mørkved.

About Bodø

Bodø is Northern Norway's second largest city with approximately 50 000 inhabitants. It is situated north of the Arctic Circle and offers fascinating and contrasting seasons, from midnight sun in June to polar nights in December. The town is a communication centre with a busy airport, and offers good bus, railway and boat connections. Bodø is a distinctive student town with a lively cultural scene and night life.

Bodø is situated at a peninsula, and the city centre is compact with shops and restaurants within walking distance from all hotels. It is actually possible to walk from the airport to the city centre in 10 minutes. Public transport is good and the infrastructure is built to suit pedestrians and cyclists. Norway in general has low crime rates and Bodø is a peaceful town.

What to do in Bodø?
For inspiration, please visit these websites:
- Northern Norway Traveling Tips
- Visit Bodø
- Lofoten Islands (neighboring area to Bodø)
- Hurtigruten – a daily passenger and freight shipping service along Norway's western and northern coast

Climate and weather conditions
People often ask how cold it is in Bodø, assuming that a town above the Arctic Circle has to be freezing cold. But, the Norwegian coastline is heated by the Gulf Stream, so it never gets really, really cold. To learn more about Bodø weather, please visit


Q: What is the web address for Nord University?
A: The address of the website is  

Q: What is the phone number for Nord University?
A: The phone number is +47 755 17000

Q: What is the address of Nord University?
A: The visit address is; Universitetsalleen 11, 8026 Bodø
The postal address is; Nord University, PO Box 1490, 8049 Bodø

Q: How can I find my way around Nord University?
A: Map of Nord University

Q: How many students and staff are there at Nord University?
A: There are about 12 000 students and 1200 university employees

Q: How does one get to Nord University from Bodø Airport?
A: The easiest way is to use public transport, bus or taxi. The bus ticket is NOK 54,- per ticket (card or App payment only) and taxi is approximately NOK 300-400,-. Bus from Bodø Airport to Nord University, select line 1, direction "Bjørndalslia". From the University to the Airport, take line 1, direction "Langstranda".

Q: What is the phone number to the Taxi services?
A: Phone Number to taxi is +47 07550. If you are calling from outside of Norway, the number is +47 223 88 309. 

Q: In case of immediate help who should I contact?
A: Fire: 110 / Police: 112 / Ambulance: 113

Q: Where can I find a pharmacy?
A: There are many pharmacies in the city center and shopping malls. There is a pharmacy located close to the University – just a 5 minute walk.

Q: How can I see what the weather will be like?
A: The weather report can be found at

Q: How do I pay?
A: Most stores and restaurants accept credit cards as usual; Visa, MasterCard, Euro Card, American Express and Diners.

Q: When can I see the midnight sun and what is the average temperature in Bodø?
A: In Bodø the midnight sun period is from 2 June to 10 July. The polar darkness period is from 15 December to 29 December. Average temperature throughout the year is 4.6 degrees celcius. 13.6 degrees in July and -2.1 degrees in January.

Q: Where can I find more information about Bodø?
A: More information about Bodø can be found at Visit Bodø's website.