Question and answers regarding future study location structure

The aim of the study location structure project is to develop a study location structure that helps carrying out the universities strategies and amitions to continue contributing to regional development.

When will changes occur at the study locations

The board will make a decision regarding Nord's study location structure in June 2019, after a hearing has taken place. A detailed implementation plan will then be prepared to implement the decision. Principally, measures are planned to be carried out until the summer of 2022. This means students who enrol in the autumn of 2019 shall have completed their studies at the affected campuses.

What is wrong with small research communities

Nord University wishes to deliver high quality research and educate candidates for the region. This is the university's social responsibility. To successfully develop a strong university for the future, it is necessary to gather research and teaching competence in stronger and more stable academic environments, and ensure more efficient use of the infrastructure. This will provide economic flexibility and enable necessary strategic development.

How does this affect autumn admissions in 2019

Autumn admissions in 2019 will take place as normal.

Will the university admit new students to all announced studies for the upcoming academic year?

2019 admissions will be carried out as planned, but studies can be withdrawn if applicant numbers are low or other conditions deem this necessary.

Who decides the final study location structure?

The University Board. Read more about the University Board’s duties here

When will a new structure be approved?

A final decision will be made by the board at the board meeting on 26th June 2019.

Is there a chance that even more study locations could be closed in the future?

There are no proposals to close any other study locations.

What is meant by campus, study location and place of education?

Nord University will establish a campus structure which includes three types of locations: campus, study location and place of education. A campus has several research communities and is our leading location of study, while a study location will have at least one strong research community. Places of education are places where Nord University shall offer session-based and online-supported basic education.

What happens if a study location closes?

All students will be able to complete their studies if the activity at a campus changes. This also applies to students starting studies in the autumn of 2019.

I wish to submit a suggestion to the hearing, how do I do this?

There is an open hearing during the period of 3rd of May to 15th of June. Submit your hearing suggestions to Make sure they are labeled "Hearing suggestions study location structure"

For students

How will the study location structure affect me as a student?

In the long term, students’ choice of study location will depend on where Nord University offers studies. Students already partaking in education will complete their studies where they have been admitted.

Can I apply for admission to a study location if it is going to be closed?

The University's project regarding how many campuses we should have could lead to changes in activity at some locations. If you are studying at one of our campuses, you will be able to complete your education there. 

I have applied for a study programme at a study location where closure is proposed. What happens now?

2019 admissions will be carried out as planned, but as is sometimes the case, studies can be withdrawn if applicant numbers are low or other conditions deem this necessary.

Will students be able to complete the education they have started?

Students who have started their studies will normally have the opportunity to complete their studies where they have been admitted. Session-based studies can be moved to another location in dialogue with students. Students who are admitted in the autumn of 2019 will normally start their studies where they have been admitted. They will be given the opportunity to complete their studies at the same place within the prescribed period of time. Session-based studies can be moved to another location in dialogue with students. Admissions from the autumn of 2020 will be adapted to the modified campus structure.

What happens to practice placements and how will practice placements be organised in the future?

Practice placements will be organised according to need.

Will my studies be discontinued before I graduate?

No, they will not. All our students will be able to complete the study they have started. This also applies to those who start a study programme in the autumn of 2019.

Will I have to change study location during my period of study?

Those who have been admitted to a campus-based study will be able to complete their education at that location within the prescribed time. Session-based studies will be able to move.

Can you guarantee that I get a diploma?

Yes, all students can be assured that they will be able to complete their studies and receive a diploma.

For employees

What is happening regarding my job at Nord University?

Employees are ensured predictable and safe processes during the restructuring. A restructuring handbook (in Norwegian) has been prepared in cooperation with representatives who will form the basis for the restructuring work. Restructuring frameworks and terms will be determined according to one or more restructuring agreements. This depends on the extent of the restructuring that takes place at individual locations. Restructuring agreements and their content will be discussed with representatives. When employees are affected by changes due to coordination, relocation or the ceasing of operations,  they should be able to receive an offer of another position at Nord University. The arrangements that will apply to relocation and any other measures will be determined by the restructuring agreements related to each individual change process.

All in all, we want to offer all employees another position at Nord University. You will be required to move if activity ceases within your area of work at your campus. Once decisions are made, the affected units will develop staffing plans that will constitute the basis for which position you can be offered and where it will be located. In connection with salary scale placement, those affected will be summoned to a salary scale placement meeting where they will be informed about salary scale placement proposals. You will be given the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the employer's proposal during this meeting. You have the opportunity have your representative or another spokesperson present during this meeting. If redundancies have to be made and we cannot offer everyone another position, criteria will be set to assess who will be made redundant. These criteria will be discussed with the trade unions.

What is the timeframe regarding relocation

This will depend on how long we have commitments to students at your campus. We will be more specific about this once we have seen the consequences of the decisions made regarding the new study location structure.

Where can I ask questions regarding the situation?

You will find contact information on the intranet’s restructuring page if you have any questions. Representatives are also an important resource and can answer many of the questions. 

I am employed at Nord University and need to talk to someone. Who can I contact?

All employees are ensured a predictable and safe follow-up during the restructuring. A restructuring handbook (in norwegian) has been prepared and each individual employee will be supported by their closest manager and the human resources department.