About the project

​During the board meeting on 8th of March 2018, Nord University’s Board gave approval to the rector to prepare grounds for decision-making regarding the future campus structure at Nord University. The project will assess the academic sustainability of both research and education at the campuses. The aim of the project is to form a basis for the board to make a decision regarding campus structure that provides robust academic quality in both research and education in a long-term perspective.

The grounds for decision-making prepared in the project shall be the basis for a proposal from the rector regarding future campus structure. This will help realize the University's academic strategies and ambition to contribute to regional development. The grounds for decision-making shall include an analysis of the region’s development, including business and demographic developments, and highlight public sector priorities etc. 

Proposals regarding future campus structure are to be presented at the board meeting on 30th April. The proposal will then be forwarded for public consultation. The board will make a final decision regarding the university's campus structure on 26th June 2019.