Project organization

The work of developing good grounds for decision-making for the board is organized in a project, which in turn consists of five subprojects:  

Subproject 1)   Data collection and analysis of academic and administrative activities at the various campuses, subproject manager Per Arne Skjelvik

Subproject 2) The Faculty's considerations regarding strengths and weaknesses in a structural perspective in relation to Strategy 2020, subproject manager Stig Fossum

Subproject 3)  Summary of external reports/investigations describing developments in the region, and regional and national competence needs of the future, as well as an assessment of what this might mean for the development of research and education at Nord University. External task.

Subproject 4)   Criteria for future campus structure, by the project secretariat.

Subproject 5)   Develop grounds for decision-making for the board, with a proposal from the rector

The project secretariat consists of Margrethe Mørkved Solli (leader), Stig Fossum, Elin Sommerli, Tor Inge Storvik, Tor Dybdal-Holthe and Per Arne Skjelvik. 

The board wishes to receive submitted proposals regarding future campus structure by May 2019. Furthermore, the work is in line with development goal 5 in the development agreement with the Ministry of Education and Research, as well as recommendations from NOKUT’s preliminary inspection.