Infection control of COVID-19 cases at Nord University

If a student or employee at Nord University is proven to be infected with COVID-19, the local infection control authorities immediately take the necessary measures to prevent infection from spreading.

The health of our students and staff is our top priority. Nord University continues to contribute in the national fight to prevent infection from spreading. We continually monitor the situation, and our measures are in line with the current situation.

The infection situation in Norway is changing, and we are witnessing an increase in infection cases nationally and locally. Stricter measures will be taken if this is needed, and students and staff will be informed well in advance. 

Reporting about cases of COVID-19

Nord University is in close contact with the local infection control authorities, and is taking the necessary measures to limit infection.

Local infection control authorities are responsible for tracing close contacts of students or staff at Nord university who are proven to be infected with COVID-19. Those identified as close contacts to the cases of infection will receive direct information from the infection control authorities, and necessary measures will be taken.

Personal health information is considered to be sensitive information. Therefore, the university is not sharing information that may identify individuals. We will provide more information about the case if this is considered necessary.

Students and staff must follow the general advise for infection control​​:​

  1. Maintain a good hand and cough hygiene
  2. Keep a 1 metre distance
  3. Stay at home if you feel unwell
  4. Get at test if you have symptoms