Using facemasks on campus and in teaching settings

Keeping a safe distance is still the most important measure to prevent infection. The university ensures access to facemasks when they are mandatory.

​The municipality of Bodø recommends to use facemasks in public spaces indoors. This also applies on campus.

The advice from the municipality applies in common areas and in other situations where the distance requirement is challenged.

Students and staff must provide themselves with their own facemasks in line with the recommendation by the municipality.

Read about correct use of facemasks at

Using facemasks during teaching

If a safe distance (at least two metres) can be maintained between students during teaching, the students do not have to use facemasks.

The lecturer is not required to wear a facemask if it is possible to keep an adequate distance to the students (at least two metres).

When facemasks are required

Facemasks are required in some situations.

Faculties must ensure that facemasks for are available for Nord-staff when required in a work situation.

In teaching settings when facemasks are required, the university ensures that masks are available for students, e.g. in traffic teacher education, skills training and laboratory exercises. 

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