Changes to national Coronavirus measures

On Tuesday April 7, the Norwegian Government announced changes to national coronavirus measures. The changes the affect Nord will come into effect on April 27, 2020. 

On Tuesday April 7, the Norwegian Government held a media conference in which they announced that some of the current, national measures for tackling Covid-19 will be relaxed. Very few of the changes will affect Nord University.

The changes that do affect Nord, will come into effect on April 27 2020.

Measures that will continue to apply

Nord University's campuses will remain closed.

  • There will be no on-site classes.
  • Students will not have access to campus buildings.
  • Campus closures are currently in place until May 1.
  • After Easter, the university's leadership will review the need to extend campus closures.

All students have received/will receive information about examinations in the relevant rooms in Canvas.

Professional practice will be carried out as agreed before Easter.

The University Library's locations are closed, but the library staff are working to make a greater number of resources available in digital format. For more information, visit their website at:

All events, conferences and on-site teaching sessions in session-based study programmes scheduled to occur before July 1 are cancelled.

Changes apply to certain student cohorts

The Norwegian Government is looking to relax measures that concern certain student cohorts who are scheduled to complete their studies in spring 2020, and for whom access to campus is decisive in this respect.

Students to whom these changes apply will be notified in Canvas after Easter, and well before April 27.

We encourage all students to stay up to date on and in Canvas.