Keep campus Corona-free

Keep campus Corona-free
By following simple measures, both students and staff at Nord University can contribute to preventing infection. Whether you are sick or not, your efforts matter!

​​​​​​​​​​​To ensure the safe receival of both new and current students, Nord University has adopted a range of measures to prevent transmission of Coronavirus covid-19.  

General measures 

Classrooms and teaching spaces 

    • Use only allocated places ​
    • Respect the capacity of each teaching space, even if there are vacant seats.  
    • Avoid unecessary encounters: Fill centered rows from the middle, fill side rows from the innermost seat​
    • Maintain a distance of one meter to others, also when entering and leaving classrooms and auditoria.​
    • Wash the desk before use. 
      Auditoria: Use disinfectant available at all doors to wash the desk. Discard used wipes in the bin as you leave. 
      Classrooms: After the lecture the lecturer will make sure all tables are wiped clean by using the available spray disinfectant and paper. Students may be asked to help.​

If you are unwell 

    • Stay at home, or in quarantine​, if you are unwell. 
    • Get tested if you think you are infected with covid-19. 

Commencement and orientation 

    • All students have received information about commencement from their faculty, on the relevant study programme website. Here you should be able to read about when to meet up, your timetable and course literature. Act in accordance with this information. 
    • Coronavirus measures  include  reducing the capacity of classrooms and other teaching spaces. This can  mean changes to the timetables for certain student groups. Your faculty will notify you ​ if any of your courses are affected by such changes.  
    • Orientation and the buddy  programme  will proceed as planned. The orientation committee  has adapted the  programme  in order to prevent and control infection.  New students should act in accordance with information  about infection control during the orientation period.  See the  programmes  for orientation here.  ​