Information relating to examinations at Nord University - spring 2020

This is addressed to students at Nord University who are scheduled to take examinations during the current semester.

On 24/03/20, the University Board adopted the Temporary Regulation - extraordinary measures as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic 

This means that many examinations will change their form of assessment. Some examinations may also be postponed until the autumn. The use of home examinations and other digital examination forms will be the most widespread measure implemented. 

Key information:

It is very important that you check the information relating to your examinations and that you know how to take digital examinations via Inspera.

      • Canvas
        Information about changes will always be posted here first
      • Studentweb
        Will show any changes to the form of assessment. It may take some time before everything is updated here.
      • Inspera
        Digital examination software

Before your examination:

      1. Check your login and password.
        Check your login and password 
        If you need help, contact IT Helpdesk.

      2. Test Inspera
        You should test Inspera by going to the demo examinations tab where you should select 'Demo - Examination with all permitted aids'

Cheating and plagiarism

We use Urkund plagiarism checks on all written answer papers. In addition, examiners carry out their own checks for cheating and plagiarism. Please familiarise yourself with appropriate referencing and source use. Please be cautious in relation to collaboration on and the sharing of examination answer papers. 

We would like to wish all students the very best of luck in their examinations!