Classes and online teaching

​Special arrangements for online classes

In response to the outbreak of Coronavirus (covid-19) and in order to maintain continuity in our teaching activities, Nord University is working to establish online teaching solutions for as many courses as possible. More information about online delivery of classes will be provided in Canvas by your course coordinator.

Live online classes

Online classes will be delivered by Teams, Skype for Business or Zoom. Live teaching can be recorded in order to be made available on Canvas. If a teaching session is to be recorded, students will be asked to consent to the session being recorded, prior to its commencement.  The course coordinator will provide information about how to follow online classes. 

Online classes and privacy
If you wish to remain anonymous during an online class, you may

  • Log in using an anonymous username (depending on which platform is in use)
  • Turn off your microphone and camera
  • Submit any questions by private chat, email or otherwise during a break in recording
  • Choose not to participate in live classes, but view the recording in your own time. 
>> Read more about online classes and privacy
User account in Zoom and access to online classes

In order to use Zoom, you will need to establish a user account. For information about how to create an account and follow online classes in Zoom, watch this video. 

Tips for participating in online classes

  • You will need a laptop, either PC or Mac.
  • To ensure best possible quality, you will need broadband internet or 4G.
  • If two-way communication is desirable, via video or audio:
    • You will need a headset with microphone. Laptop audio is not usually of high enough quality.
    • Keep you microphone muted unless you are speaking. That way the speaker will not be interrupted by background noise from others in the class.
    • Find a quiet place to sit, so that you are not disturbed by other people or pets.
  • Have patience and be prepared to deal with some normal problems, such as:
    • Slow/overloaded internet.
    • Problems logging in.
This is an extraordinary situation and all parties will be met by challenges. We recommend keeping in touch with fellow students and encouraging peers to follow online classes. IT Support at Nord is experiencing a greater than usual amount of traffic, but will try to help you as soon as they can if you require assistance.

Contact: IT Helpdesk,, 75 51 74 00.

Changes to assessment forms and study plans

To ensure that students maintain the best possible progression in their studies, the university may make exemptions from the rules that regulate educational programmes and/or introduce measures that improve progression.

Such changes can encompass forms of assessment and other parts of study plans. On March 23, the Board of Nord University adopted temporary regulations that govern these changes.

The faculties are responsible for assessing which changes may be required in relation to each individual programme and course. 

Information about any changes will be made available for students in Canvas.

The faculties must ensure that:
- any changes are justifiable and necessary to ensure good progression.
- that students achieve the defined learning outcomes, although the method by which learning outcomes are acquired and assessed may be changed.