FAQ about examinations in relation to the Coronavirus - for students

You will find answers to frequently asked questions about Coronavirus here. The page is updated regularly.

​​​​​​Changes are described in the temporary regulation - extraordinary measures as a result of the corona virus epidemic. This is valid until 31 January 2021.

​​​​​Will examinations take place where students have to be physically present on campus during the spring of 2021?

  • Most written school examinations have been changed to take-home examinations. You will find updated information regarding your exams on Canvas and Studentweb.
> Check​​ the examinations pages at nord.no/en for more information.

  • ​On-site examinations may be arranged in exceptional circumstances, where physical infrastructure is necessary for the conduct of the examination. Examples include music, theatre and traffic instructor training.​

  • Each faculty is responsible for informing its enrolled students about new examination arrangements. This will be done through Canvas.

  • Cancelled examinations autumn 2020: Should it not be possible to arrange examinations requiring on-site presence, the examination will be cancelled. In this case, new examinations will be scheduled for week 3 in 2021.​

Will take-home examinations take place as normal?

Planned take-home examinations and other submissions in Inspera will take place as normal during the spring of 2021.  

Please make sure that you have a valid password before examinations take place. You can check Inspera before examinations take place by trying the demo test. 

> Information about Inspera

Will there be changes to the form of examinations?

There will be changes to the form of written school examinations during the spring semester 2021. Information about which exams are being changed will be available in Canvas and in Studentweb. It may take some time for changes to be made in Studentweb.

Please make sure that you have a valid password before examinations take place. You can check Inspera by trying the demo test. 

What file format should the examination answer papers be delivered in?

Unless otherwise stated in the thesis, the examination answer papers shall be submitted in PDF format.
To convert a word document to PDF, you can click "Save as PDF" or "Print to PDF". You can merge two or more PDF's here: https://www.sejda.com/merge-pdf

Will the examination period be extended?

The faculties may extend deadlines by two weeks for candidate’s theses, bachelor’s theses and master's theses, including similar final assignments equivalent to a minimum of 15 credits.

The extended submission deadline will apply to all examination candidates. Individual extended deadlines will not be granted, except for students who have special examination arrangements.

You will receive information in Canvas from the faculty about which exams this applies to.

Can I apply for special arrangements if the form of examination changes?

You can apply for special arrangements regarding examinations that change in form. This is on condition that the change in form results in a changed need for special arrangements. We urge you to apply as soon as possible, within one week before the examination at the latest. 

If you have already been granted an examination extension, you will also receive an extension on home examinations. This means you do not have to reapply.

Will there be a change to the grading scale?

Most exams will have the same grading scale as before.

The grading scale may change from alphabetical grades (A-F) to pass/fail grades on certain examinations. You will receive information in Canvas from the faculty about which exams this applies to.

Delayed examination registration for exchange students

Contact your study adviser if your exchange period has been interrupted due to the situation, and if you have any questions about delayed examination registration.

What is the deadline for withdrawing from the examination?

You can withdraw from the examination no later than two days before the examination take place. Withdrawal from examinations is carried out in Studentweb.

What happens if I am ill during examinations?

We accept self-certification of absence from examinations during the spring of 2021.  

When can I expect to get my examination results?

Examination results will normally be available three weeks after the examination takes place.

If absolutely necessary, the examination results deadline may be extended by up to two weeks due to the situation caused by the coronavirus. However, this does not apply to final examinations in degree studies.

Who can register for a new examination (re-sit)?

All students who qualify for an examination in the autumn semester of 2020 can register for a new examination. Admission to a new examination only applies to the first attempt at an examination following the ordinary examination, and does not apply after 30 June 2021.

This does not apply to candidate’s theses, bachelor’s theses and master’s theses.

When will the new examination (re-sit) take place?

The new examination will normally take place during the following semester.

For the spring semester of 2021 new exams will be arranged in week 8 or 9. Exceptions may occur. 

Dates will be announced in Studentweb in the beginning of January, or no later than two weeks before the exam.  

When will I receive a diploma?

Diplomas will be available at www.vitnemalsportalen.no as soon as possible. Normally, diplomas are available in the Diploma Registry within one to two weeks after the last examinations have been marked. However, due to the coronavirus situation, some delays are expected. A paper version of the diploma will be forwarded.
On 11 June 2020, the University Board adopted the Supplement to Temporary Regulation: 

Temporary Regulations on Supplements to Regulation - extraordinary measures as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic​​