Guidelines for Nord students on professional practice

For students undertaking professional practice in Norway

  1. Nord University has implemented an immediate stop in all on-site practice. The stop is valid until April 13, 2020. Exemption: Students at the Faculty of Nursing and Health (see specific guidelines - Norwegian only).

  2. Students undertaking digital practice should continue (does not apply to health sciences, but fields like journalism).

  3. Where possible, on-site practice should be transitioned to digital practice (does not apply to health sciences, but field like journalism).

  4. Students undertaking practice away from home should assess whether to travel home. Follow the advice of health authorities.

  5. Consequences of cancelled practice: More information about arrangements for completion of terminated or cancelled practice will be available soon, including measures related to consequences of terminated/cancelled practice.


The faculties are working to establish alternative solutions for professional practice. Information will be provided going forward. These guidelines are valid until further notice is given.