Travel and home quarantine

Work travel 

    • Staff should only undertake travel that is absolutely necessary. 
    • Work travel must be approved by your work supervisor. 
    • The university will cover the cost of work travel that must be cancelled. 
    • Staff are asked to carefully consider the need for private travel. 
    • All overseas work and study travel is cancelled until further notice, unless there are compelling reasons, which in any case must be approved prior to travel. 

Home quarantine

Anyone arriving in Norway from abroad shall be in quarantine for 10 days, with the exception of specified countries in Europe with sufficiently low transmission.

The situation is evolving rapidly and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) releases updated information often.

We recommend that you stay up-to-date here:

Information for Nord staff and students

  • Staff members in home quarantine should notify their work supervisor that they will be working from home.
  • Students in the same situation are asked to notify their study programme coordinator.