Large scale crisis simulation at Nord UniversityOn April 26, Nord University will host 'Øvelse Nord 2017'. It could be one of the largest crisis simulations in higher education ever. scale crisis simulation at Nord University
Prize-winning research packs a punchNord PhD candidate, Anne Tjønndal, takes out second place in international research awards for her article on women’s boxing. research packs a punch
From Dr. Who and Sherlock to &Action SteinkjerThey could have participated at a grand awards ceremony in England. But the producers of BBC’s successful Sherlock series had more important things on their agenda this week: &Action at Nord University in Steinkjer, Norway. Dr. Who and Sherlock to &Action Steinkjer
Teaming up with industry - in 3D Art, Animation and VFX- The teachers here are great and they have unique insight into the industry. Lovísa Úlfarsdóttir studies 3D art, Animation and VFX and is optimistic about the future. up with industry - in 3D Art, Animation and VFX
Henning Reiss is the new Head of Ecology DivisionAssociate Professor Henning Reiss will be managing the new ecology research division at Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture. Reiss is the new Head of Ecology Division
Brain training against depressionForget happy pills: Research from Nord University shows that regular brain training at home has a measurable effect against depression. training against depression
Green diet for farmed salmonIt is necessary to locate new sources of protein to the feed of farmed salmon, due to the increasing limitation of marine fish meal resources. A high content of plant proteins in the diet has led to challenges in fish helath, fish welfare and product quality. Anusha Dhanasiri will study the effects of a greener diet in the research project EpiGreen. diet for farmed salmon
Work and study for international studentsFive students from five countries to crew Nord University events in Bodø. and study for international students
NOKUT report useful for Nord UniversityNOKUT’s board recently heard the report of the preliminary review of Nord University following the institutional merger. The university will further develop its systems of oversight prior to the next NOKUT audit in 2018. report useful for Nord University
Partner in Centres for Excellence in EducationNord University made a stand-out appearance this week when NOKUT named four new Centres for Excellence in Education. - This is an important acknowledgement of our work, says Rector Bjørn Olsen. in Centres for Excellence in Education
7 FAQs about examsWhen exam day arrives it is good to know that you are registered and what you should bring with you. And no, chocolate and your student ID are not the only things. FAQs about exams
Midwifery important question for politicsFewer babies are born in Europe, but does it affect midwifery? important question for politics
On common ground for sustainabilityJapanese aquaculture students meet Norwegian EU-minister. common ground for sustainability
From horror story to happy endingJulie Vikestad Olsen's first professional practice period could have ended in catastrophy. It turned out to be an unmissable experience. horror story to happy ending
Helping young entrepreneurs growStudents at Nord University learn how develop their ideas. Some have made millions. young entrepreneurs grow
First year and 5000 new students- Our students are paramount , says Rector Bjørn Olsen. year and 5000 new students
Summer goes to study of smarter governanceHow should the public sector be governed in the future? This is the central question that Nord University students, participating in this year’s international summer school in Barcelona, are grappling with. The answer to the question is as simple as it is complex: a smarter approach. smarter-governance.aspxSummer goes to study of smarter governance
Set to open new academic yearRector Bjørn Olsen looks forward to meeting many of the five-thousand new students starting their studies at Nord University this year. to open new academic year
Welcoming new students at Bodø AirportWe have collected lots of international students at the airport already, says Welcome Committee organiser Kristine Solli. new students at Bodø Airport
Business and marriage in SlovakiaThe man's role as breadwinner persists in the principle and practice of family business in a Slovakia grappling with liberal ideals and an increasingly western orientation. and marriage in Slovakia
Preparing for big turnout at Babson ConferenceMore than 300 leading, international researchers within entrepreneurship coming to Nord University and Nordland Research Institute. for big turnout at Babson Conference
Drones lift research projects in marine ecologyWhat better way to monitor the coast than with a birds-eye view? lift research projects in marine ecology
Future leaders gather in BodøIn the last weeks of May, Bodø welcomes future leaders of the High North from around the globe to discuss the future of the Arctic. leaders gather in Bodø
Sports major is world champion in e-sportYou don't need to live like an elite athlete to be a master of e-sport, but it helps. major is world champion in e-sport
Avian winners and losers in climate changeBird species in North America and Europe are affected similarly by changes in climate. winners and losers in climate change
Ocean acidification a threat to coastal industryAcidification of ocean waters can cause the extinction of crustaceans and other species along Norway's coastline, says Nord University Professor Grete K. Hovelsrud acidification a threat to coastal industry
More knowledge about free tradeCountries like Chile and Scotland have a competitive edge supported by free trade agreements with big salmon markets. Researchers at the Business School in Bodø want to find out more about how these agreements affect the competitiveness of Norwegian salmon. knowledge about free trade
Passion for weird fishDoctoral fellow Helene Rønquist Knutsen (25) has a thing for weird fish and she wants to help more people put them on the dinner table. for weird fish.aspxPassion for weird fish
Seagrass in Nature articleResearch from Nord University, published in Nature, shows that normal seagrass changed its genetic material over time. in Nature article
International in the North- Welcome as the first international students at Nord University. Have any of you been in the North before? in the North