Current infection control extended

Nord University extends online classes until April 16.

​Updated March 18: Bodø campus are closed to students until April 11​. The infection control measures below applies to all other Nord campuses. 

​Overview of measures until April 16:


  • Online classes unless otherwise advised until April 16.
  • Faculties may apply to offer classes onsite, where onsite attendance is necessary for achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Faculties may also offer online classes for the duration of the semester within certain programmes.
  • Campuses are open, and common areas such as libraries, group rooms, reading rooms and practice labs are open for students.

Professional practice

  • Professional practice in schools, hospitals etc.​ will continue wherever possible.
  • If it is not possible to carry out professional practice as planned, faculties must provide commensurate learning tasks in order to ensure achieve of learning outcomes.


  • Online take-home examinations unless otherwise advised in spring 2021.
  • Onsite examinations may be offered in exceptional circumstances.

Events and socialising

  • Students and staff may hold social events on University premises. Nevertheless, we encourage a restrictive approach to onsite events.
  • Consumption of alcohol on University premises is permitted only at events hosted by Studentinord or in cafeteria during externally-managed, approved events.  
  • Events may only be held in accordance with the infection control guidelines provided by the ​Norwegian Directorate of Health​.

For Nord staff members:

Place of work

  • All staff should work from home when possible.
  • Staff members who need to work on campus must clarify this with their supervisor.
  • If you are not sure whether to work from home or not, contact your supervisor.


  • Onsite meetings with few participants may be carried out on campus, however meetings must be available online for participants who cannot attend on campus
  • Onsite meetings with external participants or participants from other campuses may not be held.


  • The government advises against unnecessary domestic travel.
  • Travel only when necessary (e.g. for exams and teaching).
  • All travel must be clarified with your supervisor.
Staff sports club

According to the national recommendations “Adults are not recommended to engage in organised activities indoors. Adults may participate in exercise outdoors if it is possible to maintain sufficient physical distancing."

  • The university's staff sports club may not arrange organised activities indoors.
  • The sports club may arrange activities outdoors, provided that it is possible to keep a safe distance.

Keep yourself updated with local infection control measures. The municipality of Bodø recommends to use facemasks in public spaces indoors. This also applies at Nord university premises.

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