Exchange opportunities in Brazil and China

Nord University has received funding for international student exchange collaboration with China and Brazil, say Project Managers Roberto Rivas Hermann and Yan Zaho.

Students on master’s degree level in innovation and entrepreneurship and in social work can look forward to international student cooperation and exchange with students from Brazil and China.
Students from Nord University will be able to go on exchanges both to Rio de Janeiro and to Congqing University in Chongqing.

The foreign students will have similar exchanges to Bodø. The Centre for Internationalisation of Education (SIU) supports the cooperation with Brazil and China through its UTFORSK (‘explore’) programme.

Student exchange in social work with China

Manager of the social work project, Assistant Professor Yan Zhao at the Faculty of Social Sciences says the goal is to contribute to long-term and sustainable cooperation on education and research in social work between Nord University and Chongqing University in China.

The project is based on the English-taught programme Master of Social Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences, though it is also open to students on the Norwegian-taught master’sprogramme in social science who specialise in social work.

- We will explore how we can strengthen our respective master’s degree programmes in social work can be strengthened through international cooperation, close links with the praxis field in both contexts as well as exchange of cultural experiences, Yan Zhao says.

Students at Nord University will spend ten days in China, with lectures, praxis visits, seminars and group work in collaboration with Chinese students.

- In a longer term perspective, we hope to find ways through which we can create joint courses for students from Norway and China, as well as develop joint research projects, says Yan Zhao.
It is all about educating students for a future in a globalized world – which is also the backdrop for the internationalisation conference at Nord University in Bodø between 13 and 15 March, which will have participants from several Chinese universities.

Summer school for Norwegian and Brazilian students

Project Manager, Post.Doc. Roberto Rivas Hermann, hopes that Norwegian students at Nord University Business School are tempted by the idea of a week in Rio de Janeiro.

- It will be the first time Nord University offers student exchange with Brazil, he says.

New economic challenges for Norway and Brazil

- The theme of this programme is entrepreneurship in Norway and Brazil in the transition phase between oil-driven economies and challenges related to green growth.

- Students are invited among others to reflect on the way ahead and to think creatively about culture and industry, says Roberto Rivas Hermann.
The main cooperating partner institution in Brazil is the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro.

Two further universities are also involved in the project; Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro and the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology in Rio Grande do Sul.

The programme is organised as a summer school with one week in Brazil in July and one week in Bodø in August.

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Translated by Elisabeth Bergquist