Get outdoors with free equipment

Student som setter opp telt
Student Eirin Krogedal Høie is going camping with equipment borrowed from the student welfare organisation. And now you can even order online.

Student host: Øystein Strømsnes. Photo: Heidi Irene Mathisen.

The 'Positive Recreation' scheme in Bodø has around 200 unique users. The scheme facilitates online booking of outdoor equipment, with particularly high demand in February and March.

- There were excellent conditions for skiing at the time, says student host, Øystein Strømsnes.

Preparation is everything

Spring fever means an increase in the number of students who are active outdoors. For student Eirin Krogedal Høie (25) from Sandnes, a tent is an essential item on her packing list at this time of year.

Eirin's best advice? Set your tent up at home first to avoid complications on the hiking trail.  She even gave us a demonstration.


 - This test went really well, says Eirin.

- This tent is very easy to set up. Other tents may be trickier the first time around. However, this one is a great summer tent for use in the garden or on the beach. A tent for short trips where you don't stray too far from town, says Eirin.

 - What do you think about the Studentinord scheme?

- It's excellent! Not all students have space or money to get all the gear themselves. So, for students who wish to lead an active outdoor life while studying, this is a very good offer, says Eirin.

- What equipment do you make use of yourself?

 - A lot of it! Skis, tents, sledges and bicycles. Most things, really.

Student host Øystein says student feedback is all positive.

First time on skis

- Everyone from international students who are on skis for the first time, to those who just want easy access to equipment when they go hiking on short notice, without having to buy it, says Øystein.

- Do you know where the students like to go?

- It varies a bit, but what their destinations have in common is that they exploit the excellent natural experiences Bodø has to offer.

Camping in Lofoten

- We have students who borrow fishing rods to go to Saltstraumen and catch coalfish. And we have students who borrow a backpack to go to one of the great peaks around here, like Per Karlsa or Børtinden.

- Some students borrow tents and sleeping bags to spend the night at Mjelle beach, and we have students who borrow everything including a bicycle, to go to Lofoten.

- Any insider information about coming offers?

- We have seven new bicycles on the way, with accompanying trailers and bicycle packs, for everything from short local breaks to proper long distance trips, says Øystein.

PS: In Levanger, students can contact Student Host Trude Haagensen Ramstad, who refers students to the Equipment Shed in Levanger.

Borrow equipment here:

Positiv fritid Studentinord 

Studentvert Trude Ramstad