From Dr. Who and Sherlock to &Action Steinkjer

They could have participated at a grand awards ceremony in England. But the producers of BBC’s successful Sherlock series had more important things on their agenda this week: &Action at Nord University in Steinkjer, Norway.

Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue are names that carry weight for anyone acquainted with the international film and TV industry.

Moffat is the well-known writer of the BBC series Dr. Who and Sherlock. Together, Moffa and Vertue produce Sherlock.

Chose Steinkjer over RTS Awards

However, rather than walking on the red carpet of this week's RTS Awards in London, Moffat and Vertue chose to travel to Steinkjer, a medium-sized town in central Norway.

- It was a great opportunity to visit Norway and to get to know new and exciting people in the industry.

- I also think it is important that media students are constantly updated on what goes on in the industry on an international level.

- Hopefully, I can contribute to that here in Steinkjer, says Vertue.

- Proud and humble

This is the third consecutive year that the international media festival &Action takes place at Nord University in Steinkjer. The list of headliners is growing more distinguished year by year.

- I am very proud and humble that so many have agreed to come here to contribute. It is almost overwhelming, says Assistant Professor Kristian Egge at Nord University.

Maragret Holmgeirsdottir studies 3D Art, Animation and VFX at Nord University, and she is also involved in the festival.

- This is such great fun. I study 3D here and see that there are many professional 3D animators attending this festival.

- I can hardly wait to meet them, talk to them and learn from them.

Good advice to the students

Actor Alex Murphy participated at &Action in 2015 and did not hesitate when he was invited back.

- I really like this festival.

- I get to work with people on all levels here, from beginners through intermediate to the truly advanced, says Murphy.

What they all have in common is that they are more than happy to share their experiences and bring good advice to today's youth, who dream of succeeding in a tough industry.

Main image (L-R): Steven Moffat, Håvard Sørli, Berglind Sigurjonsdottir, Margret Holmgeirsdottir, Richard Hearsey, Sue Vertue and Mette Marybelle Sundfær. (Photo: Bjørnar Leknes)