From Taiwan to hear about Saami teacher education

A delegation of Taiwan university staff visited Nord University, Levanger, to learn about Saami teacher education, language and culture.

Klikk her for å endre bildetSaami turf hut: Asbjørn Kolberg (to the left)  was happy to welcome the guests from Taiwan the Saami turf hut at Nord University, Levanger. From left to right: Kolberg, In-zen Chen, Jing-Shoung Hou, Chin-Hui (Laila) Fan, Tibusungu’e Vayayana, Huei-Min Tsai, Along Y.L. Chang, Shyi-Liang Yu, Gerard Persoon, Su-Hsin Lee, Su-Bing Chang, Syaman Lamuran og Kaja S. Hegstad (photo: Nina Kjeøy).
There are several indigenous groups in Taiwan and universities that offer Indigenous studies programmes. During the 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting  at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, a delegation from Taiwan made an excursion to Nord University’s campus in Levanger. 

Most of the delegates came from National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) but represented were also Chinese Culture University, National Formosa University, National Penghu University of Science and Technology as well as Leiden University in the Netherlands. 

Among the members of the delegation were the Deputy Minister in the Council of Indigenous People Taiwan, Professor Tibusungʉ'e Vayayana of the Tsou people and the Director of the Tao Foundation Syaman Lamuran, representing the Tao people of Orchid Island. 

The group was led by Professor Huei-Min Tsai, Director of the Center for Indigenous Research and Development, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU).

Visit to the Saami turf hut

Asbjørn Kolberg, Coordinator of the South and Lule Saami Teacher Education Programme (to the left on the picture above), received the delegation:

– It was interesting to learn about the various Indigenous peoples of Taiwan. Our visitors were very interested in learning about the Saami Indigenous population of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia and how we run our Saami education programme.

The guests were invited to the Saami derhvie-gåetie, turf hut, recently built on Levanger campus, by John K. Jåma from the nearby reindeer herding village Åarjel Fovsen sijte. 

The guests learned about the traditions and customs connected to life in the gåetie and how the family members had their own places in the gåetie according to rank and position in the family. 

The visit also included information about traditional Saami music, like joik, the traditional chanting song of the Saami, and the South Saami and Lule Saami Teacher Education Master Programmes.  
–  To establish contacts with institutions abroad working in the field of  Indigenous studies and research is very important and useful for us at Nord University, say Kolberg and Kaja S. Hegstad (to the right on the picture above), International coordinator of The Faculty of Teacher Education and Arts.

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