Here for students

Study Advisor Mats Pedersen can answer your questions about student life, or will know who can.

Mats Pedersen is one of many study advisors ready to assist new students arriving in mid-August.

Mats works with biology and aquaculture students. With five years of experience as a study advisor, Mats is a veteran.

His most important advice to new students? - Start being a student.

Be a student

- When you are a student, make sure you set aside time to be one! This means studying independently, attending lectures, participating in group work, and finding someone to study with.

- Time and again, we see that those who follow this advice are the ones who perform best, he says.

- Study advisors are here to help you get started. We can provide advice and recommendations to ensure that each person gets a programme and a schedule that she or he are able to complete.

- Study advisors also know a lot about what goes on at the university, so even if we cannot answer your question immediately, we can tell you where to go in order to solve your problem, Mats says.

No stupid questions

- It is better to ask one time too many. An answer such as "I don't know" is not really an answer.

- If I don't have sufficient knowledge, I refer the student to the right person or office at the university, Mats says.

He considers himself a kind of mediator, more or less an ombudsperson, for the students.

- Talk to me first if there is anything about your study situation that you are not comfortable with, he says.

Mats says there are some recurring themes:

  • Understanding the study plan
  • Advice on selecting courses
  • Navigating the university
  • Finding the right person to solve a problem
  • Getting special adjustments if you have special needs, such as related to physical disabilities.

Getting acquainted

Mats and the other study advisors meet all new students at orientation, on the very first day of the semester.

- We provide a low-threshold offer. Our doors are open, and we share a common goal: Making everyday student life as good and successful as possible, Mats says.

Study advisors are often present at meetings and social gatherings during the semester, making them hard to miss.

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