Keep yourself updated with local infection control measures

The municipality of Bodø now recommends to use facemasks in public spaces indoors. This also applies at Nord university premises. Other local recommendations may apply at other campuses.

​​– Infection numbers are increasing several places in Norway, and stricter local infection control measures are introduced when necessary, says Andreas Førde, Head of Communications at Nord University.

He refers to the recent increase of infection in Bodø, related to the South-African variant of the virus.

The municipality of Bodø has now recommended to reduce the number of contacts and to use facemasks in public spaces indoors such as grocery stores, on public transport, in private cars with non-family passengers as well as indoors at Nord University premises. ​​

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Local ​restrictions​. Head of Communications, Andreas Førde, asks students and staff to check and follow local infection control advice.

Check the rules in your municipality

– We ask all students and staff to keep themselves updated with the local advise, recommendations and regulations that apply for the municipality that they stay in or to which they plan to travel.

You will find more information on the municipality website, which may also be found on this overview at