I’m sick – do I have to stay at home?

It can be difficult to decide when you must stay at home if you have a cold or other symptoms of respiratory illness.

The general infection control advice such as staying at home when you are sick and maintaining good coughing and hand hygiene still applies, although many infection control measures have been removed. The health authorities recommend that everyone who is ill with recent respiratory symptoms should stay at home and have a low threshold for getting tested. This also applies to those who are vaccinated.

If you have recent respiratory symptoms such as fever, coughing, a sore throat or are in a poor general condition, you should stay at home. Students and employees with residual symptoms and a good general condition may attend teaching activities and work at the study location but should have a negative Covid-19 test.  

See the flowchart from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for advice and rules for adults and children in the event of newly arisen respiratory tract symptoms.