International students arrive at Nord University

International students in Bodø
Students from 42 countries started their studies at Nord University this week.

​​“We are very happy to say that the number of international students is back at 2019 level”, said Head of the International Office, Monica Brobak. 

​​On Monday this week, students from all over the world started their autumn 2022 semester at Nord University.   

Be open-minded and have an opinion

The students were welcomed by the Prorector for Education, Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk, who encouraged the students to be open-minded:

 “I encourage you to reach out to people. Start already today, be curious, inclusive and open-minded. Ask about your peers’ study choices and perhaps their background, culture and way of life”, said Gårseth-Nesbakk.

The Prorector also encouraged students to engage in their studies: 

“Do not be afraid to have an opinion or to say you did not fully understand something or realise you don’t have the answer. You are here to obtain new knowledge and skills. An exchange semester, or an international degree, allows you to grow both personally, culturally and academically”, was the Prorector’s advice.

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"Have an opinion". Prorector Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk encouraged students to speak out and ask questions. Photo: Svein-Arnt Eriksen

High quality education

Roqayya from Pakistan came to Norway through family reunion, and is starting her studies in Aquaculture this semester.   

“Norway is peaceful and beautiful. I also chose Norway because the education and research here is of high quality”, she says.  

Her countryman Rida Fatima is starting her Master’s studies in Business. She came to Norway “yesterday”: 

"I came to Norway because of the good education system and the living standard. I am nervous and I don’t know anyone, but it is very exciting. It is so beautiful here and people have been very helpful and welcoming", Rida says.  

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Ready for an exciting semester. From right to left: Roqayya from Pakistan, Chinmayi from India and Rida from Pakistan. Photo: Svein-Arnt Eriksen

From London to Levanger 

At campus Levanger about 60 students were ready to start their study experience.  

"I was impressed by all the study programmes to choose from, and that a lot of it is taught in English, says English-Italian Leonardo Benericetti (21) who is in Norway for the first time."

Benericetti is taking his bachelor’s degree in Film and TV Production, and is very pleased with his choice of both study programme and location. 

"I come from a small village in Italy, but I have lived in London the last few years. London is very chaotic, and Levanger reminds me of my village. Levanger is in many ways better than London, and it’s really beautiful here", he says. 

He wants to learn the language, and already knows a few Norwegian words. 

"God morgen, hva koster det og snarvei"! 

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International students in Levanger. Willeke Bogaards and Leonardo Benericetti are starting their studies in Levanger. Photo: Marte Gilstad

The Norwegian Experience 

Among the 60 international students at Levanger, about half of them are taking their whole degree in Norway, while others are staying for one semester.  

One of them is Willeke Bogaards (20) from The Netherlands, who is studying Nordic and International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning. 

"A friend of mine studied here last year, and I saw all his amazing photos on Instragram. I wanted to do that too, as I love being active and outdoors", she says. 

The international students come from all around the world, such as Germany, Chile, Iceland, Vietnam, Ghana and Bangladesh.  

International students at Nord University

  • Nord University welcomes around 200 exchange students and around 100 full degree students each year.

  • Students come from Germany, France, Bangladesh, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, Nepal, the USA, Japan and many other countries.