International students arrive

Around 400 international students commenced their studies at Nord University this week.

From Germany: Jana and Steffi (photo: Svein-Arnt Eriksen)

Monday signaled the start of a new academic year for international students at Nord University.

400 students - 65 countries

This year, Nord welcomed over 400 students from 65 countries. 

Steffi (26) and Jana (24) from Nuremberg, Germany chose between four destination countries for exchange - Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. Norway and Bodø won out, especially because neither of the women had been in Norway previously.

- We also wanted to try something different from the big-city life we are so used to, they say.

The two friends are taking Adventure Knowledge, and plan to travel around Norway during their stay.

- But it can be quite expensive, they add.

- The natural surroundings here are fascinating. We plan to hike a lot. And get to know the Scandinavian lifestyle better, says Steffi, while Jana nods. 

Their first impressions paint Norwegians as relaxed, confident and friendly. 

- New friends and network

Rector Bjørn Olsen spoke at the orientation meeting in Bodø, which was streamed live to Steinkjer and Levanger. He highlighted that study abroad provides new opportunities and challenges.

- A chance to share experiences, traditions and knowledge. I hope that during your stay you will meet new friends and have the opportunity to build your professional networks. 

He also encouraged students to share their opinions and participate in student activities and debates.  

- Do not be afraid to have an opinion. Or just to say that you don’t have the answer, because not knowing is the first premise of scientific enquiry.

- Get involved

Travelled far: Pratik and Ranjan from Nepal, and Ekin (centre) from Turkey (photo: Svein-Arnt Eriksen)

Student President Kevin Hovdahl Holmli, who also addressed students during the meeting, encouraged participating in student life and the buddy programme.

– You can make friends for life here. Study hard and have fun, was Holmli's advice.

The new international students will have a lot to do in their first days at Nord, not least organising money and budgets as well as semester registration.

- It takes time to organise a bank account in Norway, so we know we have to get started as soon as possible, say the new students.

 Klikk her for å endre bildetIn Steinkjer: from left, advisor Ole Christian Tidemann, Jane Atkinson (studenttorget) and student Stefanía Kristín Leiknisdóttir (photo: Thomas Jergel).

Opportunities for meeting new people and the new surroundings abound this week, with organised trips and the buddy programme underway.

Klikk her for å endre bildet

In Levanger:
 students from Slovenia, Spain, Russia, Germany and Czech Republic (photo: Asbjørn Kolberg).

International students at Nord

402 new international students have registered arrival during Nord University's Orientation Week Autumn 2017.

  • Germany is well represented, with 30 students, followed by Nepal (29), Bangladesh (26) and Russia (25).

  • The students come from 65 different countries.