New Book on Monitoring Student Achievement in Europe

This book draws together leading student assessment academics from across Europe exploring student monitoring policies and practices in a range of countries.

Professor Heidi Harju-Luukkainen from Nord university together with professor and executive director Nele McElvany and postdoctoral researcher Justine Stang from the Center for Research on Education and School Development at TU Dortmund University have together edited a book called Monitoring Student Achievement in the 21st Century: European Policy Perspectives and Assessment Strategies. 

«For the first time in history, we have a book that draws together this many leading student assessment academics from OECD, IEA and multiple universities across Europe and USA», says Professor Harju-Luukkainen.

Critically discussion of the findings

All of the chapters discuss not only the complexity but also the connections around assessment and policy documents as well as strategies, highlighting shared policies, practices and also enablers and barriers across them. 

The first part of the book offer its readers a broad overview on student assessment, covering history and current status, aims and approaches as well as methodological challenges. 

The second part presents country specific chapters providing an in depth look by examining country specific policy and practices and findings of national or international assessments. 

At the end of each chapter the findings are critically discussed and recommendations are made for further development of each country's assessment context. 

Wants to challenge policy makers

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Productive Professor: Professor Harju-Luukkainen has previously been working at The Finnish Institute for Educational Research and published multiple national reports and articles on PISA and TIMSS assessments. She has also worked at the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Student Testing at UCLA, USA. 
«With this book we want to challenge policy makers and researchers to explore the complexity and diversity of student monitoring», says Professor Harju-Luukkainen.

«We often know very little of other countries’ assessment policies and practices outside our own. While remedial actions are taken with attention on the local context by policy makers, sometimes and in-depth understanding of, for instance, the long-term consequences or larger global influences are missing»

«This book gives therefore a well needed overview of the topic», she says.

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