The restrictions after local lockdowns have been lifted

Normal advice for testing for COVID-19 applies from February 2.

​Updated February 2: The restrictions after local lockdowns have been lifted from February 2. 

Staff and students who have been travelling in the municipalities ​mentioned below no longer need to get tested for COVID-19, unless they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 ​or have other indications for testing​​.​

If you have been travelling in ​the municipalities with stricter measures​​, you are asked to make sure to keep a distance of at least one metre to others.​

Due to the resent lockdown in ten municipalities around and including Oslo, Nord University asked students who in the last 14 days had been in one of the municipalities to undergo a test for Covid-19. The restrictions were lifted February 2.

The following municipalities are in lockdown from January 23:

  • Oslo
  • Enebakk
  • Frogn
  • Indre Østfold
  • Moss
  • Nesodden
  • Nordre Follo
  • Vestby
  • Våler
  • Ås
The following applied for Nord-students from January 24 until February 2:

  1. We ask students currently staying in one of the ten municipalities not to travel to Nord University's campuses, unless strictly necessary

  2. Students who in the last 14 days have been in one of the municipalities mentioned, are asked to undergo a test for Covid-19. 

  3. Students to whom the above applies, are asked to keep a safe distance from others (a minimum of 2 meters), and not visit campus until they have tested negative for Covid-19.

  4. Students may undertake professional practice in accordance with approved guidelines. Students who will be undertaking professional practice, and who are arriving from​​ the affected municipalities should be able to document a negative test prior to commencement of practice. 

Campuses are open

Nord University's campuses are open. Students who are no​t affected by the restrictions above​, have access to common areas, such as the library, group, reading and training rooms.

Use your student card to access buildings between 16:00 and 24:00, and 07:00 – 07:30.​