New student president

Solveig Marie Fleischer blir ny leder for Studentparlamentet ved Nord universitetet 1. juli 2018
Solveig M. Fleischer has been elected president of the Student Parliament at Nord University.

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From Deputy to President: - It will be a challenging task, but I am looking forward to it, says Solveig M. Fleischer, the student parliament’s new president. Photo: Bjørnar Leknes

Solveig Marie Fleischer (24), who currently holds the vice-presidential position, assumes her new role on July 1.

Enthusiastic, honest and hard-working

This is a major vote of confidence and I hope I can meet the students’ expectations, says Fleischer. She describes herself as enthusiastic, honest and hard-working.

Fleischer was elected during the student parliament’s annual congress at Hell in Stjørdal recently, assuming the role from Lars Jakob Hegge.

Strengthening student involvement

Fleischer has clear priorities going forward.

- I will put a lot of work into improving student involvement and the level of participation. Making students aware of the opportunities that exist outside the lecture halls is vital.

- We need more students to get involved as representatives, in social contexts as well as with professional theme days, she says.

The 24-year old from Stjørdal studied at Nord University and at Nord-Trøndelag University College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in multimedia technology as well as a one-year diploma in Public Administration.

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The Student Parliament

The Student Parliament is the students’ highest democratic body at Nord University, representing all 12,000 students.

The parliament works to promote the professional, social and economic interests of students in the university and Studentinord (the student welfare organisation) as well as in society in general.

It has 15 representatives and an executive committee.

The executive committee comprises regional leaders from Trøndelag, Bodø and Helgeland, as well as four elected students.

Contacts for the Nord University Student Parliament