New student president at Nord University

He is described as smiling, engaged, and stubborn... in a good way. From July 1, Kevin Hovdahl Holmli will represent Nord University’s 12,000 students.

- This is really something, a very exciting challenge, Kevin Hovdahl Holmli says following the elections for Nord Student Organisation, which took place in Bodø.

The 25-year old from Verdal is currently student president at Nord University's Trøndelag study locations. Prior to the university merger, he led the student body at Nord-Trøndelag University College, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economics and Administration. He will now represent students at a total of nine study locations in central and northern Norway.

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Student President at Nord University: Kevin H. Holmli at Nord University, Levanger. (Photo: Bjørnar Leknes).

Solutions through dialogue

- When we merged the organisations last year, we were clear that the actual office location of the new student president was insignificant. My office will be in Levanger and I think that's great, he says.

- But why do you think that you were elected?

- I believe that happened because I am a person who sees everybody and someone who everyone feels they can get along with. I think that is important when representing so many students.

- Does that mean that you prefer to avoid conflict?

- No, Kevin responds with a smile. – I am not afraid of fighting necessary battles. However, I have more faith in finding solutions through dialogue, rather than jumping into trenches at any cost.


What do people say about Kevin?

Hanne Solheim Hansen, Pro-Rector of Education:

- Kevin is always in a good mood and smiling, however, he is also stubborn in a good way. He works constructively and elegantly to come to decisions. That is an excellent skill.

Mathias Lauritzen, outgoing student leader:

- Kevin is very versatile and capable of many things; in particular, he is good at building networks. He has also developed in-depth knowledge of political topics.

Kirsti Grøtan, student advisor at Studentinord:

- Kevin is engaged, thorough and keeps the pressure up. He is very much concerned with the triangular cooperation between the University, the Student Welfare Organisation and the Student Organisation, and he sees that in order for him to do a good job as a leader, both the student councils and the student representatives must work well.

In his free time, Kevin spends time with his partner and their two-year-old son. Kevin is also well-known in the Innherred region as a singer and artist. He held his first solo concert last Christmas, before a sold-out Stiklestad Church.

Aims to be visible

- What do you think will change, now that you represent all 12,000 students?

- First and foremost, there will be a lot more responsibility. I will still be the regional leader in Trøndelag; however, it will also be important for me to connect more with our students at the other study locations. That is likely to be the biggest challenge, given the total geographical extent of Nord University.

Kevin's top three priorities:

  1. Create a Student Parliament that is representative and where everyone feels included.
  2. Contribute to creating the best learning environment possible for all students at Nord University.
  3. Contribute to the establishment of a Student Ombudsman at Nord University, a service more than 70 percent of students in Norway have access to today.

PS: The Nord Student Organisation is to be reorganized and will soon change its name to Nord University Student Parliament.

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Visible leader: Kevin Hovdahl Holmli will represent 12,000 students from July 1 2017. (Photo: Bjørnar Leknes).

About the Student Parliament

  • Will promote students' interests both professionally, socially and economically in interactions with the university, the Student Welfare Organisation and the community.
  • Will consist of 15 representatives and include a working committee of seven individuals.
  • The working committee will consist of the regional leaders from study locations in central and northern Norway, as well as four elected students. The Student President will chair the working committee.
  • Regional representative, Trøndelag: Kevin H. Holmli
  • Regional representative, Bodø: Lars Jakob Hegge
  • Regional representative, Helgeland: to be decided.