Airport welcome for new students

Chloe from USA is one of many new international students taking advantage of the Welcome Committee’s services.

Close bunch: Breaks are welcome for the busy members of the Welcome Committee. 

While others are on vacation, Kristine Solli and her co-workers in the Welcome Committee at Nord University have been working hard to ensure the best start for new students.

- The Welcome Committee is a unique initiative as far as I know. I have not heard of other universities doing this. And student feedback is utterly positive when we speak to applicants and new students on the phone, says Kristine.

- Many students say they appreciate the sense of security that comes from being met at the airport and brought to their new housing.

The Welcome Committee refers professional questions to student advisors and housing questions to Studentinord, the student welfare organisation. Nearly all university accommodation is now fully booked.

- But we are in touch with private landlords and publish updated lists on our Facebook page on a daily basis, says Kristine.

From the USA via Lofoten

Chloe Kilpatrick from USA arrived in Bodø with her brother Brian (pictured above) on a Friday afternoon.

- We came with the ferry from Lofoten, and it was an amazing trip. We have seen many towns and places in Norway by car before ending up here in Bodø, says Chloe, who is studying Adventure Knowledge at the Faculty of Education and Arts.

Her first meeting with Bodø last weekend was perfect, with blue skies and a temperature of 20 C/70 F.

She chose to study at Nord University because she likes studying in a town that is not too large while also being surrounded by beautiful nature.

- I wanted to study in a learning environment that relates to my studies, and Bodø is perfectly suited for that, says Chloe, whose main interests are ecology, nature and biodiversity.

Packed programme

In addition to the pick-up service, the Welcome Committee also provides students with an introductory programme.

- Our programme includes a guided trip to Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest tidal current, for all new students, Kristine says.

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