Nord University supports Ukraine

Fasadebilde av Nord universitet
The Norwegian government has decided to suspend all cooperation between Norwegian and Russian research and education institutions.

​​"Nord University condemns Russia's and Belarus' actions, and wholly supports the Ukrainian people. We have both employees and students from the countries affected. It has been, and will still be our highest priority to follow up all our employees and students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus", says Nord University rector Hanne Solheim Hansen.

Supports government's ​decision

The rector supports the government's decision of suspending Russian institutional agreements.  

"We agree with the government's decision to suspend all governmental and institutional cooperation with Russia. We are happy that the government allows for individual researcher-to-researcher cooperation to continue. At this point, we do not have a full overview of how much of our cooperation with Russia is based on institutional agreements", says Solheim Hansen.

Strong relations

Through its' location and strategic investment in the High North for more than 30 years, Nord University has built strong relations to several research and educational institutions in the High North. This also includes universities in Russia. The knowledge gained through this cooperation has contributed to the Norwegian society by creating larger understanding, knowledge and value creation.

The university's cooperation particularly revolves around activity connected to Nord University Business School and the High North Centre. The university will now review all its' agreements to outline which of these may be defined respectively as researcher-to-researcher cooperation and institutional cooperation.

20 years of cooperation

Moreover, Nord University has collaborated with Ukraine for more than 20 years. Today, the scope of this cooperation is on equal level with our cooperation with Russia.

"In a situation where Russian authorities limit the flow of information to its own people, it is natural for Russian professionals to have contact with their international collaborators to gain knowledge about their views and perspectives. This may now happen on individual researcher-to-researcher level"​, rector Solheim Hansen says.​