Online teaching as a main rule throughout the semester

Nord University has decided to extend online teaching as a main rule throughout this semester.

​​​​​​​Updated 15 April: New national rules and regulations ​applies from 16 April

Based upon recommendations from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the National Institute of Public Health, the Government has adopted a plan for a gradual reopening of society​. The plan is based on the level of measures and restrictions that applied before 25 March. It describes a gradual lifting of the national restrictions.

Overview of measures from 16 April throughout the spring semester


Online teaching continues as a main rule throughout the semester. Students who have been granted on-site teaching may follow the initial plan. On-site teaching may be granted for more students upon application from the faculties. In this case, students will be informed well in advance. 

  • Online classes unless otherwise advised throughout the semester.

  • Faculties may apply to offer classes onsite, where onsite attendance is necessary for achievement of learning outcomes.

  • Faculties may also offer online classes for the duration of the semester within certain programmes.

  • Campuses are open, and common areas such as libraries, group rooms, reading rooms and practice labs are open for students.

Professional practice

  • Professional practice/professional training in schools, hospitals etc.​ will continue wherever possible.

  • If professional training mentioned cannot be arranged as planned, students must be given compensating tasks to ensure a best possible learning outcome​​.


  • ​Online take-home examinations unless otherwise advised in spring 2021.

  • Onsite examinations may be offered in exceptional circumstances.

Events and socialising

Familiarise yourself with local rules and regulations before planning social gatherings or events. The following applies for gatherings and events in the university premises, provided that this is possible in your municipality: 

  • ​​Events may only be held in accordance with the infection control guidelines provided by the ​Norwegian Directorate of Health​.​​

  • Students and staff may hold social events on University premises. Nevertheless, we encourage a restrictive approach to onsite events.

  • Consumption of alcohol on University premises is permitted only at events hosted by Studentinord or in cafeteria during externally-managed, approved events.  ​​

Place of work

Staff can expect changes in this arrangement from the beginning of June at the earliest.

  • Staff must work from home whenever possible. 
  • Staff members who have tasks that cannot be done from home and need to work from their office have to clarify this​ with their supervisor​
  • If you are not sure whether to work from home or not, contact your supervisor ​

Why online teaching is extended as the main rule:​

The basis for extending online teaching is the demanding and continually changing infection situation, as well as the need for more predictability for students and staff.

– Nord University follows an earlier introduced rule about online teaching until April 16th. We have had to move this date ahead many times. In addition we have had to close the Bodø campus to students until April 12th, says pro-rector for education at Nord University, Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk. 

– We find that students and staff have made a huge effort to contribute to good solutions in a demanding spring semester. By extending online teaching as a main rule throughout the semester, we wish to provide predictability to both students and staff, and at the same time arrange for the best possible teaching in this demanding situation.  

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Online teaching extended. Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk​, pro-rector for education at Nord University​, says online teaching will provide needed predictability and to both students and staff.