Prize-winning research packs a punch

Tjønndal packs a punch
Nord PhD candidate, Anne Tjønndal, takes out second place in international research awards for her article on women’s boxing.

The Graduate Paper Award is issued by the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA). Tjønndal’s paper, entitled “I don’t think they realise how good we are”: innovation, inclusion and exclusion in women’s Olympic boxing, addresses gender issues in the male dominated sport.

This is the first time since the award’s inception that a Norwegian candidate has placed in the top two.

Tjønndal, who is currently completing her PhD in Sociology at Nord University in Bodø, is passionate about sport and social inclusion.

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Award-winning researcher Anne Tjønndal (photo: Svein-Arnt Eriksen).

- The main objective of my doctoral project is to investigate how and in which ways innovation presents a tool for increasing social inclusion in sport and physical activity. Further, it looks at how innovative processes shape the growth of new sporting activities, says Tjønndal.

Tjønndal will receive the award at ISSA’s 2017 World Congress of Sociology of Sport in Taiwan in May.

ISSA World Congress of Sociology of Sport

The conference aims to gather the international community of sociologists of sport to discuss the key issues and debates surrounding the role and place of sport in a global society.

The theme of the 2017 Congress is "Reimagining Democracies and Sport".

*Information from ISSA's website.