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Trude Ramstad og kolleger i oransje t-skjorter med Første semester-logo
Questions about your accommodation? About meeting new friends? Or just want to sit and enjoy a coffee?

At Nord University, we work hard to facilitate a good student environment for our students, both academically and socially. Wherever you are located, our staff will take good care of you.

In Bodø and Levanger, Nord University and the Studentinord student welfare organisation offer an extra service for students: Student hosts who help you with little but important things in daily life.

Our student hosts Øystein Strømsnes and Trude Ramstad will do what they can to enable your success at Nord:

  1. Assist you in getting started as a student
  2. Introduce you to your study location
  3. Offer practical guidance about the student environment
  4. Help you participate in social activities and themed trips
  5. Give you information about various crash courses and events

Meet our student hosts:

Øystein Strømsnes (Bodø)
You will find him in his office located next to the B entrance of our Mørkved Campus. // 920 67 013

Trude Ramstad (Levanger)
Available in the study hall at Nylåna on Tuesdays and Thursdays 09:00 – 14:00. // 986 76 717

About First Semester

First Semester is a collaboration between Nord University and Studentinord. We aim to assist our students in getting started during their time with us.

Our two student hosts work hard to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable as a student, both in your studies as well as in your free time.

More about First Semester from Studentinord.

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