Tops marks for Nord Business School

Entrepreneurship researchers at Nord University are the best in Norway, and among the world's top 100 research communities in the field.

This is the result of a survey of scientific production by leading  universities within entrepreneurship research published in the Journal of Small Business Management.

Entrepreneurship, meaning the creation or renewal of businesses or business processes, is central to economic development.

Nord Business School placed 85 out of 100 universities with the most influential scientific articles published in the period 2002 - 2013.

Klikk her for å endre bildetWell-deserved. – The standard of our researchers is recognised among colleagues around the globe, says Professor Einar Rasmussen.

– Nord Business School is a small research community compared to the big universities. But we have dedicated researchers, whose standard is recognised within both Norwegian and international networks, says Professor Einar Rasmussen.

Best in Norway. Nord Business School is among the top 100 research communities within entrepreneurship (all photos: Per Jarl Elle).

The researchers behind the survey investigated over 2000 scientific articles about entrepreneurship published in recognised journals within the field, and created a list of the most cited articles.

Only Norwegian university 

Indiana University and Jönköping University top the list, while Nord University is the only Norwegian university present on the list. Among the American universities are Babson, Syracuse, Harvard and Stanford. Among the European universities are Stockholm Business School, INSEAD in France, St. Gallen in Switzerland, Erasmus Rotterdam and Cambridge.

Nord Business School has worked actively to recruit top-ranking researchers like Professor Johan Wiklund (Syracuse) and Professor Andrew C. Corbett (Babson) as guest lecturers and researchers.

Top of the world

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Common goal for Babson. Nordland Research Institute's Administrative Director Iselin Marstrander and Nord University Rector Bjørn Olsen at the 2016 Babson Conference held in Bodø (archive photo: Per Jarl Elle).

In 2016, Nord Business School hosted the Babson Conference (BCERC), which brings together the most influential researchers within entrepreneurship. In 2018, the conference will be held in Watford, Ireland.

Nianhang Xu, Yining Chen, Anna Fung, Kam C. Chan: “Contributing Forces in Entrepreneurship Research: A Global Citation Analysis”, Journal of Small Business Management, 27. September 2017