University assessing possibility for on-campus classes

Most students will be participating in classes online only until February 15. Certain classes may be delivered on campus. Keep an eye on Canvas for updates about what applies to you.

​Based on the current situation nationally and at our campuses, Nord university has decided to extend online teaching as a main rule until February 15. Certain classes may be delivered on campus. If that applies to classes in your study program, you will get notified in Canvas.

​​Nord University is conducting an assessment of the educational portfolio to determine which courses will continue to be delivered online, and which may be delivered on campus.

The University must consider a range of factors, including national recommendations, infection levels at campus locations, student group size, the type of learning activity, learning outcomes and educational progression.

The University requests that all students stay up to date on Canvas, regarding what applies to each course and study programme.

Infection control a priority

Online classes are directed at restricting widespread contact between individuals and preventing the spread of coronavirus.

In the case of on-campus delivery of classes, the University requires that strict infection prevention measures are maintained, in accordance with current guidelines.

The University may make changes to on-campus delivery of classes should it be deemed necessary on the basis of local conditions or national advice.

Campuses are open

Nord University's campuses are open. All students have access to common areas, such as the library, group, reading and training rooms.

Use your student card to access buildings between 16:00 and 24:00, and 07:00 – 07:30.​

Updated February 26: Most teaching will be online until February 15.