Current infection control extended until March 15

Nord University extends online classes until March 15.

​​Online classes are an important measure for control of coronavirus transmission at Nord University's campuses.​​​​​

Even though most classes will continue to be held online, the University's buildings are open, and students have access to common areas like the library, group rooms, reading rooms and practice labs. A number of cafeteria are also open.

- Most of our students are currently studying online. There are some exceptions in courses for which onsite learning activities are necessary to achieve learning outcomes. Students to whom onsite teaching applies, will receive information about teaching and attendance in Canvas, says Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk, prorector of education at Nord University.

​Gårseth-Nesbakk emphasizes​ that any student who is expected to attend onsite classes will receive information well ahead of time.

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Good online learning environments support learning outcomes. Prorector of education, Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk, wants students to participate actively in online learning. 

– Online teaching is a joint effort

– Online classes can be demanding, for both students and staff. A positive learning experience requires cooperation between teacher and student. A lot of good things are happening in the online learning environment today, but we are concerned that dark screens and recording/photographing without consent are creating unsafe learning environments for some of our students, says Gårseth-Nesbakk.

Gårseth-Nesbakk points out that use of web cameras improves students' and staff members' experience of online lectures and meetings. 

Photos and recording require consent

The prorector asks students to familiarize themselves with the University's guidelines for online classes, and emphasizes that both students and staff are expected to uphold data privacy rules. This includes photographing and recording online classes.

– Teaching staff are permitted to record online teaching in certain cases. In that case, the staff member will inform students that the session is being recorded and, if required by regulation, obtain students consent. Recordings can include live and still images, audio, presentations and images in which the staff member and presentations are in focus. Images and audio of students may be recorded in some instances.

Students are not permitted to record or photograph online classes without first obtaining the consent of any and all parties identified in the recording.

– This includes publishing live or still images from classes on social media, like Snapchat, says Gårseth-Nesbakk.

Digital training and cheap breakfast

The student welfare organisation Studentinord facilitates onsite and online meetings for students. During the spring semester, they will be offering a range of online courses​ in student finances, stress mangement for exams and "viral thought". The counselling service at Studentinord is also available, both onsite and via Teams for students who wish to talk about problems related to student life.

Many cafeteria are still open, but opening times may be restricted. Once a week, Studentinord offers breakfast for just 25 kroner at several campuses, to give students are good start to their day. ​

– We are working to develop new services and arenas for students, and we are always looking for new solutions to make students days a little better, says the Director of Studentinord, Kristian Brunsvik Olsen. 

He encourages students to follow social media and the app "Go" for local happenings on campus.

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Making student life easier ​  Studentinord is developing solutions to make student life a little easier during the pandemic, says Studentinord Director, Kristian Brunsvik-Olsen. Photo: Marthe Mølstre

​Overview of measures until March 15:


  • Online classes unless otherwise advised until March 15
  • Faculties may apply to offer classes onsite, where onsite attendance is necessary for achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Faculties may also offer online classes for the duration of the semester within certain programmes.
  • Campuses are open, and common areas such as libraries, group rooms, reading rooms and practice labs are open for students.

Professional practice

  • Professional practice will continue wherever possible.
  • If it is not possible to carry out professional practice as planned, faculties must provide commensurate learning tasks in order to ensure achieve of learning outcomes.


  • Online take-home examinations unless otherwise advised in spring 2021.
  • Onsite examinations may be offered in exceptional circumstances.

Events and socialising

  • Students and staff may hold social events on University premises. Nevertheless, we encourage a restrictive approach to onsite events.
  • Consumption of alcohol on University premises is permitted only at events hosted by Studentinord or in cafeteria during externally-managed, approved events.  
  • Events may only be held in accordance with the infection control guidelines provided by the ​Norwegian Directorate of Health​.

For Nord staff members:

Place of work

  • All staff should work from home when possible.
  • Staff members who need to work on campus must clarify this with their supervisor.
  • If you are not sure whether to work from home or not, contact your supervisor.


  • Onsite meetings with few participants may be carried out on campus, however meetings must be available online for participants who cannot attend on campus
  • Onsite meetings with external participants or participants from other campuses may not be held.


  • The government advises against unnecessary domestic travel.
  • Travel only when necessary (e.g. for exams and teaching).
  • All travel must be clarified with your supervisor.
Staff sports club

According to the national recommendations “Adults are not recommended to engage in organised activities indoors. Adults may participate in exercise outdoors if it is possible to maintain sufficient physical distancing."

  • The university's staff sports club may not arrange organised activities indoors.
  • The sports club may arrange activities outdoors, provided that it is possible to keep a safe distance.

​Opening times and services

Campuses are open from 7:30am - 4pm. Access by student card after 4pm and between 7am-7:30am. Campus buildings are not accessible between 12am (midnight) and 7am. 

During opening hours, students may use libraries, reading rooms, practice labs and other facilities. Infection control rules apply and must be maintained at all time.

Campuses have restricted service hours. If you need assistance with study-related matters, contact your student adviser, IT-helpdesk or other relevant instance​ to make an appointment prior to attendance onsite. 

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