What you need to know about studying this autumn

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New and current students can expect a combination of on-site and online classes, as well as measures to ensure a safe, inclusive learning environment.

This information concerns the academic year starting in August 2020. 

Nord University looks forward to seeing students ​on campus again for the beginning of the new academic year in August. The wellbeing of our students is our number one priority. The Coronavirus pandemic means that some things have changed, but we can promise an exciting and inclusive semester for all our students. 

On-site classes? Yes, indeed!

Whether you are a new student, or well underway in your studies, you will have the opportunity to attend lectures and participate in other learning activities on campus during the autumn semester. Yes, this means actual, physical meetings with peers and lecturers, colloquia, a chance to eat lunch together, people on campus. 

It is safe to be on campus

In order to permit students on-site, we must ensure that everyone acts responsibly and shows consideration for others. All students and staff must uphold rules relating to infection prevention and control, such as good hygiene and social distancing. You have an individual responsibility, both for yourself and for others. 

The University is introducing measures for infection prevention and control, such as system that regulates who can be on campus, and when. We are adapting classrooms, auditoria, groups rooms, simulation rooms and laboratories in order to provide quality education and ensure infection prevention and control. 

What about students at risk?

We are preparing an autumn semester that ensures students in high-risk groups can participate in teaching, and maintain normal progression in their studies.

>> Read more about special learning arrangements here.

Online classes - more than before

An important aspect of infection prevention and control is limiting how many people are in the same place at the same time. Even though we can meet in person, it is important that we limit frequent, large gatherings between different groups of people. Online learning will contribute to maintaining the quality of education at Nord, and provide an arena for broader interaction between staff and students.

Our academic communities are working hard to plan and organise learning activities that provide a high standard of education, and ensure your study progression. 

>> On our website "Digital learning and tools" you can read more about which tools are used at Nord, access to and training in use of digital tools.

Buddies for new students

In the first weeks of August, new students will receive guidance from the admissions office, international office, Welcome Committee and their faculty. Not least, the Buddy System is in place this year as well, to ensure you the best possible start at Nord University. 

>> Read more about the Buddy System and programme for orientation with buddies this autumn.

Get ready to study!

You can start preparations for the new academic year now:

  • Be prepared to attend on-site classes. Make sure you have a place to stay that is close to campus.
  • Check that you have appropriate equipment for participating in online classes, such as PC, headset and web camera. 
  • Stay healthy! Wash your hands frequently and follow the advice of health authorities. 
  • Stay up to date on our website, and do not attend campus before you have received notification that you may do so.
  • If you are already a Nord student, take our online training in infection prevention and control, and receive your first "Pass" of the autumn semester!
  • Contact a study adviser at your faculty if you require further special arrangements/facilitation. 

Talk to us?

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