Campuses remain open for students

Nord University introduces stricter measures that will apply from Monday, November 9. This affects teaching and examinations at all our campuses.

​​The infection status in Norway is changing, with an increased number of cases both nationally and locally. In accordance with national restrictions, Nord University is introducing stricter measures to control transmission of the virus.

Students are asked to especially notice the differences that apply to examinations and to check Canvas for more information. In Canvas, faculties will inform their students about how examinations and teaching in the different subjects will be arranged.

The purpose of these new measures is to control the transmission of the virus as well as to ensure students' educational progress. We ensure students' use of the campus facilities. At the same time we are introducing measures to facilitate learning for students who cannot or should not attend on-site classes or examinations, says Rector Hanne Solheim Hansen.

In order to make campus available for students at campuses and public transport - and to contribute to fewer physical meetings - all staff who can work from home are encouraged to do so.

– In order to keep campuses open for students, we rely on everyone to follow the general infection control measures. In addition to good hand hygiene, it is important to keep a safe distance to others and to limit face-to-face meetings. Students who are ill, must stay at home.

Studentinord is also facilitating on-campus services for students:

– The health and safety of our students is always our top priority. We will therefore maintain our on-campus facilities. The canteens will remain open, and supervisors are available for students. The canteen will still be a safe place to meet and have lunch, says Studentinord CEO Kristian Brunsvik Olsen.

All measures are applicable from Monday November 9 and for the remainder of 2020. Prior to Christmas, the University will evaluate possible adjustments and all students will receive information about measures that will apply from 2021.

Session-based teaching

  • On-site classes in session-based programmes are cancelled, and teaching/learning activities must be carried out by alternative means.
  • Sessions that commenced prior to November 9 may continue until completed.

On-site classes

  • Campuses and libraries will remain open.
  • Classes to continue as planned.
  • The University must ensure that students who are unable to attend on-site classes have access to the teaching content online.


  • Supervision of students will continue as usual. Infection control measures must be followed if the student and supervisor are not able to meet online.


  • Written on-site examinations will be conducted as digital take-home examinations. Check Canvas for more information about your exams. Also check the examination pages at for more information about home exams.

  • On-site examinations may be arranged in exceptional circumstances, where physical infrastructure is necessary for the conduct of the examination. Examples include music, theatre and traffic instructor training.

  • Each faculty is responsible for informing its enrolled students about new examination arrangements. This will be done through Canvas.

  • Cancelled examinations: Should it not be possible to arrange examinations requiring on-site presence, the examination will be cancelled. In this case, new examinations will be scheduled for week 3 in 2021.

  • New examinations (re-sit examinations) will be scheduled for week 8 or 9 in 2021.

If you are ill and are not able to take an examination

If you have an exam that requires on-site presence and you are ill, stay at home. This also applies if you are in quarantine or isolation. You must fill in a self-declaration form in order to be granted valid absence from the examination. The form must be sent to the university within seven days after the examination date.

Should you not be able to attend an exam due to illness or other reasons related to covid-19 (such as quarantine/isolation), you will be given the opportunity to re-sit the exam. This also applies if your exam is cancelled. The examinations pages at has more information about admission to re-sit examinations.​

Students and staff members must follow the general advise for infection control: 

1. Maintain a good hand and cough hygiene
2. Keep a 1 metre distance
3. Stay at home if you feel unwell

4. Require at test if you have symptoms

More information: 
Nord University information page about coronavirus ​