Nord University suggests changes in study location structureToday, Rector at Nord University put forward a proposal for changes in the University’s study location structure. It includes suggestions to gather research and education even further, and entails changes and decommissioning of some campuses. University suggests changes in study location structure
Exploring Patents using a ‘Bigger’ Data approachResearchers aim to establish new knowledge in data mining about patents. Patents using a ‘Bigger’ Data approach
Making home a better place - from BodøThe Students at Risk programme allowed the student activists Ekin and Lindah to come to Nord University to finish their degrees and continuing fighting for their cause under safer conditions. home a better place - from Bodø
Reading in different languages is good for the brain– Young learners who read literature in foreign languages develop greater mental flexibility, according to Professor Janice Mary Bland. in different languages is good for the brain
New international students converge on NordThey have travelled a long way to study at Nord University and, according to the students themselves, they have been greeted by spectacular nature and friendly northerners. international students converge on Nord
Life saving first aid to the South and Lule Saami languagesMember of the Sami Parliament praises Nord University’s launching of a primary teacher education programme in South and Lule Saami languages. saving first aid to the South and Lule Saami languages
The winds of changeRenewable energy is the future and 26-year-old master’s student Kseniya Pak its face and brains. winds of change
Nord students to head national unionJose de Pool and Lindah Chido Matsapa will work to improve the economic and social situation of international students in Norway. students to head national union
New student presidentSolveig M. Fleischer has been elected president of the Student Parliament at Nord University. student president
Students win at games awardsNot long after they developed «Field Hospital», Doctors Without Borders got in touch. Now, these Nord students can claim Game of the Year. win at games awards
Exchange opportunities in Brazil and ChinaNord University has received funding for international student exchange collaboration with China and Brazil, say Project Managers Roberto Rivas Hermann and Yan Zaho. opportunities in Brazil and China
Nord students meet with star producer– Listen to music that you do not like, says Radiohead producer John Leckie. He recently shared his knowledge and experiences when meeting with Nord University music students. students meet with star producer
New warts and allIt is microscopic, with yellow growths and a crust characterised by small grains or warts. Say hello to crustose lichen Cliostomum piceicola. warts and all
Improving crisis managementNord University and colleges in Lofoten and Bodø cooperate on safety and emergency response training. Together, we can contribute to saving lives and the environment in the High North. crisis management
Young researchers journey out10 PhD Candidates at Nord University share a travel grant of NOK 600,000. researchers journey out
Cod not almightyThe ocean waters of the Lofoten-Vesterålen archipelago are more diverse than the North Sea. not almighty
Tops marks for Nord Business SchoolEntrepreneurship researchers at Nord University are the best in Norway, and among the world's top 100 research communities in the field. marks for Nord Business School
Philo of Alexandria under the magnifierHe was a contemporary of Jesus and his writings are described as a treasure. International researchers are taking a renewed interest in Philo of Alexandria. of Alexandria under the magnifier
What the seas don't needWine bottles, plastic and pillows. Tables, tires and toothbrushes. It all surfaced in Bodø's harbour during Science Week 2017. the seas don't need
International students arriveAround 400 international students commenced their studies at Nord University this week. students arrive
Airport welcome for new studentsChloe from USA is one of many new international students taking advantage of the Welcome Committee’s services. welcome for new students
Here for studentsStudy Advisor Mats Pedersen can answer your questions about student life, or will know who can. for students
Academic victory for ecological economicsRoutledge promotes Nord Professor Ove Jakobsen and his new book. victory for ecological economics
From Nord to YaleKristin Berre Ørjaseter, PhD Candidate at Nord University, aimed sky high when setting out to build her own international network. And she hit a home run! Nord to Yale
Student host definitely worth a look inQuestions about your accommodation? About meeting new friends? Or just want to sit and enjoy a coffee? host definitely worth a look in
Five alive for new arrivalsSome international students are surprised to find that few warning signs or guardrails mar Norway's rugged wilderness. alive for new arrivals
Get outdoors with free equipmentStudent Eirin Krogedal Høie is going camping with equipment borrowed from the student welfare organisation. And now you can even order online. outdoors with free equipment
EU fellowship to young Nord researcherCan microalgae in polar regions provide better food, feed and fuel? Chris J. Hulatt (32) and his fellow researchers are going to find out. fellowship to young Nord researcher
Creating a garbage monsterGarbage is on the timetable and cooperation between children and adults is becoming more important in the fight against marine pollution. a garbage monster
New student president at Nord UniversityHe is described as smiling, engaged, and stubborn... in a good way. From July 1, Kevin Hovdahl Holmli will represent Nord University’s 12,000 students. student president at Nord University