Financial support for pandemic-affected international degree students

international students
A one-off payment of up to NOK 10,000 aims to relieve some of the financial pressure caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

​​​- Nord University aims to help students who are in a vulnerable and unpredictable situation, says Rector Hanne Solheim Hansen. 

- International degree students constitute a valuable part of the educational environment at Nord University. We would like to keep them here, and hope that this scheme can contribute to achieving that, continues Rector Solheim Hansen. ​

Rektor Hanne Solheim Hansen
Aims to support students in a vulnerable situationRector Hanne Solheim Hansen.​
The one-off payment of up to NOK 10,000 is intended to cover imminent expenses such as rent and food. 

Diverse group facing complex challe​nges 

The Coronavirus pandemic has had consequences for all students in Norway, social, practical and, not least, financial. 

International degree students are no exception, and the challenges within this group are both complex and diverse. While some qualify for welfare payments or the national student loan fund, others find themselves ineligible for any form of assistance. 

The target group for the scheme is those students who are unable to access other forms of assistance. 

Clear eligibility criteria 

In order to access the scheme, students will need to demonstrate that they meet the eligibility criteria. 

For example, a student must: 

  • Have active admission to Nord University and plan to continue his/her studies at Nord University in 2020/2021. 
  • Reside in Norway and attend classes at one of Nord’s locations. 
  • Be able to document loss of income as a direct result of Coronavirus measures. 
  • Students who receive other forms of assistance are not eligible for the scheme. ​

Residency conditional on finances 

In order to continue studying at Nord University, international degree students must meet requirements for temporary residency in Norway. This includes documenting sufficient financial means each academic year. 

Over the last few months, Nord University has been in contact with international students who, as a result of Coronavirus measures, are unable to meet their financial obligations going forward. 

Concerns relate to the loss of income as a result of closures, practical issues concerning monetary transfers, and the impact of travel restrictions on students’ options. 

The scheme will not solve the challenges our international students are facing. However, we hope that it will relieve some of the pressure, allowing our students to get through this phase and, ultimately, to complete their studies at Nord, says Rector Solheim Hansen. 

Apply for the financial support payment:

>> See all the criteria and apply for financial support.

Do you need general guidance in relation to finances or health?

​>> Contact the counselling service at Nord/Studentinord.
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