New international students converge on Nord

mange internasjonale studenter ved Nord universitet
They have travelled a long way to study at Nord University and, according to the students themselves, they have been greeted by spectacular nature and friendly northerners.

Bodø has made a positive impression on new international students: From left: Camala Haddad, Florence Böhmisch, Mark D. Siatta and Yendé Eugene. 


Last week, a new group of international students, from around the globe, converged on Nord University. Over one hundred new international faces are present in Bodø this year, while campuses Steinkjer and Levanger also received visitors. We spoke to four students commencing their studies in Bodø.

Camela Haddad (20), Algeria

Study programme: Bachelor in Biology

– What do you expect of your stay in Bodø?

I am sure my stay in Bodø is going to be one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences of my life. New friends, more knowledge, long hikes and tons of memories, this is what Bodø started and will continue to offer me! 

– What are your impressions so far?

Wonderful! This is the word that comes to my mind when I think about the days I'm having here. I love Bodø's beautiful port, wild nature, nice music and welcoming people. The university's staff are so cheerful and caring. They are always ready to help us as much as they can. Talking about the class, I have classmates from many different countries of the world and each one has an inspiring story and background to share.

– Why did you choose Bodø and Nord University?
–  It's a long story, but to make it short, I would say that I always wanted to study abroad, visit a new country, discover a different culture and get out of my comfort zone. Combining this with my passion for Biology and deep love for nature, it makes Bodø and Nord University the best places to be! 

– Anything else you want to add?

I just want to add that studying abroad is absolutely something to try, experience and live. Anyone who has the opportunity to do it should not let it go and e anyone who does not have the opportunity should create it. This can only make us improve as humans and citizens of this beautiful world.

Florence Böhmisch (18), Germany

Study programme: Bachelor in Biology

What do you expect of your stay in Bodø?

I grew up relatively internationally  in Canada. Therefore, I would really like to have many international friends and sort of build a network of friends from different countries. I also really like learning about new cultures and languages so I would also love to learn a bit of Norwegian in my 3 years here and generally learn about Norway. 

What are your impressions so far?

I feel like Norwegians are a really interesting mix of German and Canadian. They can be really private but also incredibly nice and helpful when you ask for help. I love the scenery because it is definitely something I missed. The mountains and the ocean. This is something I did not have in Berlin. So far, I’ve had a great time and am really looking forward to living here for at least 3 years!

Why did you choose Bodø and Nord University?
I always wanted to study abroad and the only question was where. I also wanted to study biology generally before having to pick a focus. Nord University offered that and in English, which has become my native language. I was looking for an English bachelor programme outside the UK, but in Europe. I really love the Scandinavian mentality (although sometimes I think they should learn to small talk about something other than the weather)! 

Anything else you want to add?

I’ve always heard university will be one of the best times in your life and I hope that I will get to experience that here with the friends I’ve already made. I’m loving all the salmon, which is really cheap here compared to Germany!

Yendé Eugene (20) Caribbean island of Dominica
Study programme: Bachelor in Biology

What do you expect of your stay in Bodø?

– During my stay in Bodø, I expect to be pushed out of my comfort zone, to be immersed in a new culture and meet people from all walks of life. In terms of my studies, I would like to develop positive and substantial student-lecturer relationships that provide the ideal conditions for me to excel.

What are your impressions so far?

– So far, my biggest challenge has definitely been the drastic change in weather and climate, as I come from the tropics.  However, I was definitely surprised that although the majority of the students are Norwegian, that there is at least one student from every region of the world making the university a more diverse environment. 

Why did you choose Bodø and Nord University?

– I came to Norway because, originally, I decided to study marine biology, and from doing research, it was clear that Norway is definitely the place to go. Shortly after, I decided that general biology was a better route at this stage, but my interest in Norway remained.

Norway is absolutely beautiful. There is something here for those who prefer a more sophisticated city feel, and for those who can appreciate raw, untouched nature.

Mark D. Siatta (25) Chicago, USA

Study programme: Master of Science in Energy Management

What do you expect of your stay in Bodø?

– I am excited to receive a premier education, while at the same time engaging with nature and my peers to create lifelong memories.

What are your impressions so far?

– I have been enamored by the beautiful views, fresh air, and welcoming people.

Why did you choose Bodø and Nord University?
My college advisor in the United States (who happens to be from Bodø) recommended that I consider Nord University based on my interest and desire to pursue a master degree in renewables and sustainability. Upon researching the university and the Energy Management programme in particular, I was convinced this was the right place for me. It not only focuses on the pressing issues regarding energy and geopolitics but just as importantly, the integration and incorporation of these issues with international perspectives.

International students at Nord University:

Most international students will be studying for one or two semesters at Nord. 

46 new students will be taking their entire degree at Nord.

Exchange students per faculty:
Business School: 14
Faculty of Aquaculture and Biosciences: 18
Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences: 16
Faculty of Education and Arts:19

35 new international students will be taking their entire degree in Bodø. The most popular programme is the Master of Science in Business.

11 new international students will be taking their entire degree in Steinkjer. The most popular programme is 3D Art, Animation and VFX.