IT services unavailable on Thursday November 19th 2020 due to server error

It, telefoni og mail
Several IT services at Nord University were unavailable for students on Thursday November 19th. The error is now solved.

​​​​​​Due to the error students lost access to Office 365 services such as Word, Excel and cloud storage in OneDrive. The error was solved Thursday at around 8 pm. The error also affected the switchboard services at the university, and students would experience problems reaching us by phone. This error was solved on Friday at 9.30 am.

Unfortunately, some of our students have been affected by these technical issues during their exams. The university takes this very seriously. We are now considering different options to solve the problems that have occurred in this regard:

Options for students affected by downtime

1. Exams are conducted as normal for students who had an exam starting and ending on Friday November 20th 2020

2. Exams starting on Thursday November 19th 2020 or earlier with submission deadline on Friday November 20th 2020: the submission deadline is extended to Monday November 23rd 2020 at 12.00 noon. Students affected have received an SMS about the new deadline.

3. Exams with submission deadline on Thursday November 19th 2020: Nord University considers the technical issues a formal error that may have affected the examination performance of students, cf. the University and University Colleges Act, Section 5-2. As a result, a new examination will be arranged for these students.

a) For students who submitted on Thursday November 19th 2020: The student may choose whether to take a new exam or whether the exam submitted on this date will be applicable. Students who wish to re-take the exam must submit a complaint based on a formal error within 3 weeks after the announcement of grades. All complaints will be complied with. The exam result from the exam in question will then be annulled and the exam will not be considered as an applicable attempt.

b) For students who did not submit on Thursday November 19th 2020: The examination attempt will be annulled and not considered an applicable examination attempt.

4. Students who received the examination question paper on Thursday November 19th 2020 or earlier, with a submission deadline between November 21st and November 30th: the submission deadline is extended with one business day. Students affected will receive information by SMS and e-mail. ​