Nord University suggests changes in study location structure

Konstituert rektor Hanne Solheim Hansen
Today, Rector at Nord University put forward a proposal for changes in the University’s study location structure. It includes suggestions to gather research and education even further, and entails changes and decommissioning of some campuses.

It includes suggestions to gather research and education even further, and entails changes and decommissioning of some campuses.

The University’s mission is to deliver high quality research and to educate good candidates for society and the work force. The Rectors grounds for the proposed changes is to achieve the goal of developing an even stronger Nord University. The efforts to the proposed structural changes have been in the works since 2017. Today the proposal was presented at all the university’s campuses.

The proposal includes the following on the future structure:

  • Two campuses: Bodø and Levanger. These campuses will focus on developing and building on Nord University’s strong, academic environments
  • Places of study: Focused academic fields in Mo i Rana, Steinkjer and Stjørdal
  • Places of education where a sufficient number of applicants are present, e.g. in Namsos og Stokmarknes
  • Activities at Nesna and Sandnessjøen are suggested to be phased out
– The proposal is a comprehensive solution that will develop and grow the university academically, and in turn, strengthen its ability to deliver high quality research and candidates. We must also ensure a more efficient use of the infrastructure, and create leeway for necessary strategic development, says Rector Hanne Solheim Hansen.

She thinks fewer campuses and enhancing the excising campuses of Bodø and Levanger will increase the University’s research contributions, boost quality in the academic fields and re-locate financial resources of approximately 50 million kroner annually from infrastructure to academic activities.

– The way we are organised today isn’t financially sustainable and doesn’t give the University room to reach its goals. Nord University shall first and foremost meet its regional responsibility by securing and being a strong university. This proposal facilitates for strong and viable academic communities, keeps the University’s position as a strong educational institution and will function as a driver for growth and development in the region we represent, says Solheim Hansen.

The proposal includes a suggestion of phasing out all activities at campuses Nesna and Sandnessjøen.

– Our suggested changes to the campus’ structure will entail big consequences for some of our employees. Our goal is for all employees to receive a job-offer from Nord University, but this may, for some, result in change of work place or longer commutes. I understand that

this is hard for some of our employees, and every one of them will receive predictable and safe support during this restructuring. The process is planned to span over three years to make sure we can find the best solutions to most of the changes, says the Rector.

The students who have applied for enrolment and received admission will be able to finish their educational programs at the location they enrolled. This is also applicable to students who already have started or are in the middle or their education.

The proposal from the Rector will be presented to and processed by Nord University’s Board Member for the first time April 30th, 2019. Suggested consultation period is between May 3rd and June 15th. The board will then vote on the proposal during their meeting June 26th, 2019.

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