On-site classes from January

Nord University plans for on-site teaching for campus-based study programmes in the spring semester.

​​​​​Information to all students at Nord University

This autumn has been demanding. Strict infection control measures have affected student life, sports and cultural activities as well as our social life. Students have perhaps also experienced insecurity about teaching, sessions on campus, professional training and examinations.

The health of students and staff at Nord University is our top priority, and the university continues to contribute to the national infection control effort. We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation nationally and locally, we are in dialogue with local infection control authorities and are adjusting measures to suit the current situation.

Students follow infection control measures

We know that students need on-campus lectures and other on-campus activities. This autumn we have worked to keep campus open for students, even though some services have been reduced. To be able to do this, we have implemented the recommended infection control measures such as hand hygiene and social distancing.

So far, we have had few cases of infection among our students and staff. When cases of infection have been confirmed, we have avoided infection from spreading on our campuses.

We have succeeded in this because, among other things, our students have acted responsibly towards themselves and others by following the advice for infection control and respected the limits that these have put on students' daily life.

On-site classes from January

From January onwards we are continuing the scheme from this autumn: teaching in smaller groups, longer distance and other necessary measures.

Please note that these measures may change if the situation changes on national level, on your campus or in your study group. We ask all students to regularly check for new information on Canvas.

Campus-based study programmes:

  • From January onwards, on-site teaching and other learning activities will be conducted as normal.
  • ​​​​Alternative learning activities or online teaching will be arranged when on-site teaching is not possible (for instance when social distancing cannot be maintained​​​).

Study programmes with session-based teaching:

  • On-site teaching sessions planned to be arranged before January 18th 2021, will be conducted online. (Exceptions may be made in cases where the student's progress of study and participation in professional training requires on-site sessions before this date.)  
  • Early in January, we will consider whether on-site teaching sessions after January 18th may continue as normal.

Professional training:

  • Professional training starting from January 18th will proceed as normal.
  • Further assessment will be made for training starting before January 18th. Students will be notified on Canvas about any changes. ​

Follow national and local infection control measures

The most important thing that you can do to keep the university open, is to follow the national advice for infection control. This applies before you travel, during travel, when you are home for Christmas and when you return in January.

In addition to the national infection control advice, local regulations apply in municipalities with more infection. We ask you to familiarise yourself with the advice and regulations that apply where you are. You will find information about these regulations on the website of your municipality.

Social on-site events

Many students wish to gather for a closing party or event with their fellow students before Christmas. Participants and organisers of all events must be familiar with and follow the current infection control advice. Events arranged by students with a maximum of 20 participants may be arranged at university venues. Events where alcohol is served may only be arranged by Studentinord in our canteens or at licenced student-run bars/eateries.