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Whale research project attracts international attentionImagine that you are doing research on whales and need samples of their snot and breath. At the same time you do not want to disturb them. An animal friendly research method is now attracting international attention. research project attracts international attention
Fish are on the move - what about the fishermen?With change in ocean temperature, fish and other marine species move towards the poles. PhD fellow Francesc Gordó Vilaseca at Nord University will present new research that shows major changes in the distribution and body size of marine species. are on the move - what about the fishermen?
Green light for new FBA buildingThe government has proposed an initial allocation of NOK 110 million for the "Blått bygg" project at Nord University in Bodø in the 2022 national budget. light for new FBA building
The water flea that Darwin couldn't explainHow many individuals are needed to maintain a species? Fewer than Charles Darwin knew. water flea that Darwin couldn't explain
Death in Adventdalen ValleyRotten carcasses can be a macabre sight in nature. But they can also be a great gift in terms of biodiversity. in Adventdalen Valley
Historic investment in health sciences at Nord UniversityMore students, improved quality of teaching and research and a quantum leap in the focus on welfare technology. Nord University is now taking steps to achieve a historic strengthening of the health sciences. investment in health sciences at Nord University