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South Sámi research receives RFF fundingNord University has received research funding for the project ”How to support Language Learners in South Sámi language”. Sámi research receives RFF funding
Exploring Patents using a ‘Bigger’ Data approachResearchers aim to establish new knowledge in data mining about patents. Patents using a ‘Bigger’ Data approach
PhD abroad - international cooperation in Singapore State-of-the-art research and international cooperation: Purushothaman Kathiresan is a ph.d.-student in Aquatic Biosciences at the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA). He is currently doing a 4-month research stay at the recognized National University of Singapore. abroad - international cooperation in Singapore
New measuring tool for fish growthWhy do some fish grow bigger than others? Researchers at Nord University are on a mission to find out. measuring tool for fish growth
New warts and allIt is microscopic, with yellow growths and a crust characterised by small grains or warts. Say hello to crustose lichen Cliostomum piceicola. warts and all
Young researchers journey out10 PhD Candidates at Nord University share a travel grant of NOK 600,000. researchers journey out