1000 researchers gather in Bådåddjo/Buvvda/Bodø

Voksen kvinne i brun skinnjakke på kaikanten i Bodø sommer. Foto

Welcome to NAISA 2024: "We want to strengthen ourselves on the Sámi and Indigenous perspective in all research and education, and NAISA is one step in achieving this, says Tove Mentsen Ness, head of the Centre for Sámi and Indigenous Studies at Nord University. Photo: Adrian Svendsen Bensvik.

1000 researchers gather in Bådåddjo/Buvvda/Bodø
For the very first time, the Indigenous conference NAISA is being held in Europe. From June 6th to 8th, one thousand researchers, most of whom have indigenous backgrounds, will gather in the cultural capital.

"This is a significant research conference, and it will be substantial for anyone interested in Sámi and Indigenous topics worldwide," says Tove Mentsen Ness at Nord University. She is the head of the Centre for Sámi and Indigenous Studies, which is hosting this year's NAISA conference.

NAISA, or the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, is the largest international academic organisation for Indigenous research. Each year, they organise a conference that attracts academics, students, independent researchers, and local educational stakeholders interested in Indigenous topics from around the world and various fields of study. This year, nearly one thousand participants are registered.

"Nord University has a national responsibility for research and education in South and Lule Sámi language and culture. NAISA is a very important arena for us to fulfill our societal responsibility. Here, we establish contacts, build networks, and form alliances with other Indigenous groups, which in turn leads to new research," she says.

"Most people still have too little knowledge about Indigenous peoples and the Sámi. What I am passionate about is moving from words to action, making it natural to focus on these topics every day of the year. We aim to strengthen the Sámi and Indigenous perspective in all research and education, and NAISA is a step towards achieving this," says Mentsen Ness.

NAISA 2024 officially opens on June 6th at Stormen Concert Hall, with NAISA President Vicente Diaz, Áslat Holmberg, President of the Sámi Council, Sámi Parliament Councillor Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen, and Bodø Mayor Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen in attendance.

This will be followed by three days with a large number of parallel research sessions distributed between the Radisson Blu and Quality Ramsalt hotels in Bodø.

The conference concludes with a grand concert at Stormen Concert Hall on Saturday, June 8th, featuring Transjoik and other Indigenous artists.

The general public in Bodø will also benefit from several NAISA events. The city will feature exhibitions, a Sámi market, pubinars, and concerts.

(This article is translated by Chat GPT and quality assured by the Communications Unit at Nord University.)

NAISA 2024

What: NAISA 2024
Where: Bådåddjo/Buvvda/Bodø
When: 6-8 June 2024
Programme: https://site.nord.no/naisa2024/program/
See also: www.nord.no/samisk


Bodo 2024

NAISA 2024 is part of the programme for Bodø 2024.

Bodø is European Capital of Culture in 2024, and will deliver a magnificent cultural programme throughout the year.

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