The first literature review of non-financial reporting in hybrid organisations

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The first literature review of non-financial reporting in hybrid organisations
Doctoral Research Fellow Husanboy Ahunov from the High North Center with a new, in all senses of the word, publication.

Ahunov has published a paper wich aims to systematically review the field of non-financial reporting (NFR) in hybrid organizations, focusing on state-owned enterprises, third-sector organizations and public–private partnerships. 

This is a timely attempt to identify the state of the art in the literature and outline the future research agenda. The paper answers two research questions: 

  1. RQ1. What can be learned about NFR in hybrid organizations from the existing literature? 
  2. RQ2. What are the future avenues for research on the topic?


A systematic literature review method was applied in this paper to summarize evidence from extant literature on NFR in hybrid organizations. The Scopus and Web of Science Core Collection databases were used to locate 92 articles for the review.

Portrett av Husanboy Ahunov


Recent years have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of articles on the topic. Regarding the implications of NFR for hybrid characteristics, NFR has some potential to strengthen the influence of non-market (i.e. state, community and social) logics in hybrid organizations. 

However, this potential may be limited due to the effect of market logics and the tensions that arise between the multiple logics in hybrid organizations. Regarding the implications of hybrid characteristics for NFR, these characteristics can not only affect the extent, the quality, the likelihood and the institutionalization of NFR but also result in the development of new NFR frameworks. 

The review calls for more research on the implications of NFR for multiple institutional logics and the implications of these logics for NFR in hybrid organizations.

​First review​​

To the best of the our knowledge, this is the first literature review that mobilizes insights from hybridity research to analyze NFR literature on diverse hybrid organizations.

​​You can download the paper here.

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